Fraternity rager sparks coronavirus cluster at University of New Hampshire

A frat party at the University of New Hampshire attended by more than 100 people who were not wearing masks or social distancing sparked a coronavirus cluster, officials said Monday.

Eleven cases of the coronavirus have been linked to the Aug. 29 rager at the Theta Chi fraternity house, which was attended by students and others, the University’s president, James W. Dean, said in a statement.

He added that the school is investigating the party and will be “pursuing student conduct charges” against the organizers and students who attended.

“The August 29 party is reprehensible and will not be tolerated,” Dean said in the statement.

“Theta Chi is under interim suspension immediately, as will any fraternity/sorority or other student organization that behaves in a similar manner, while we conduct the investigation,” he said.

“Until the investigation is complete, there is a moratorium on any in-person gatherings of any size within these groups,” he added.

Anyone who attended the party is being asked to immediately quarantine, Dean said. If similar parties happen on campus, the university may go into a fully remote setting for the semester.


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