‘Frosty’ Meghan Markle was ‘tense,’ forced a smile during final appearance with Kate Middleton, expert says

Meghan Markle exhibited notable tension when she made one of her final public appearances with her sister-in-law and foil Kate Middleton before the official launch of Megxit this past spring, the Express reports. This is according to a body language expert.

The tension between the two duchesses reportedly arose quickly after Meghan Markle was thrown into the Windsor snake pit following her May 2018 marriage to Prince Harry, with Kate reportedly horrified over her new sister-in-law’s tempestuous treatment of the palace staff. 

According to the recent biography of Harry and Meghan Markle, Finding Freedom, the tension between the duke and William began to calcify after William, the heir apparent to the throne and husband of the future queen, Kate, made a “snobbish” remark with regard to Harry’s own ultimate bride.

What followed was a tense rift that turned into a chasm that eventually put an ocean and a continent between Harry and Meghan Markle and the duke’s family, most notably William and Kate. 

But before they were officially stood down, the couple attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, in which “no one around Meghan” smiled.

Meghan Markle row: Duchess ‘tense and forced’ as she met Kate Middleton amid rift

Body language expert Molly Birney had a great deal to say about this awkward assembly of the tension-riddled couples, Meghan Markle and Harry plus William and Kate.

Birney observed that Meghan Markle was ebullient throughout the proceedings, with an “absolutely unwavering smile” as she gave her tense in-laws the once over, including William and Kate.

All this said, Birney claims she could see through Meghan. She insisted that the duchess’ smile was “fairly forced,” as “it’s not a relaxed, authentic smile.”

Royal expert Howard Hodgson reports that even if there had never been any tension between her and Kate, Meghan Markle always intended to steal Harry away from his family and beat a hasty retreat back to her homeland in the United States, The Sun reports.

Speaking to The Express, he said: “Meghan was very determined, had been advancing her career, was a minor star before she met a royal prince, married a royal prince, stayed as long as is decent in the country she didn’t want to be in doing jobs she didn’t want to do.

SUSSEX STINT: Meghan and Harry latest – Duke is being ‘dragged along by determined Duchess’, expert claims

When Harry and Meghan shocked the world by bluntly announcing in January that they were leaving senior royal life, they initially suggested that they would find a new home that was outside of the UK but still within the British Commonwealth. So for a brief period early in the year, they rented a lavish home on Vancouver Island in Canada. But this abode proved to be a simple way station, and by March they had landed in Los Angeles and began to set up a new life for themselves there.

“Then there was a short trip to Canada, which was only very short because it was then going to get her back to exactly where she wanted — where she now is, and doing what she wants to do,” Hodgson said.

“Harry is just being dragged along and will probably, if he’s not very careful, end up with the senselessly sad life that was that of the Duke of Windsor,” he continued.

Having left their tensions with Kate and William behind in England, Meghan Markle and Harry also left in their wake an empty mansion: Frogmore Cottage, which the Queen gave them after their wedding and which they renovated to the tune of $3 million. In November, they began lending the home to Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie, and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. But now according to Page Six the latter couple has already vacated the lavish home.

House sharing doesn’t seem to be Princess Eugenie’s cup of tea — even if the home does belong to cousins Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The pregnant royal — she’s the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson — and husband Jack Brooksbank quietly moved out of Frogmore Cottage after just six weeks and are settling back into their old digs at Kensington Palace, the Daily Mirror reported.

Princess Eugenie and hubby exit Harry and Meghan’s digs

An insider opined that it’s a terrible shame that Eugenie and her husband didn’t start their family in Frogmore since Meghan and Harry went to such lengths to fix it up as a place for their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Living in Frogmore put Eugenie closer to the Queen as well as her parents, the disgraced Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

Newsweek reports that the length of time that Harry, along with his wife Meghan Markle, has spent away from the UK and along with it the tensions between the couple and William and Kate, has been the longest that the duke has ever spent outside of the land of his royal birth.

Having landed in the United States in March 26, Harry has now been in the country for 263 days.

The duke’s previous longest stint off British soil was during his year abroad in Australia and Africa, when he was away from September 23, 2003, to June 10, 2004—262 days, or a little over 37 weeks.

Prince Harry’s Time in U.S. Now His Longest Outside Britain in Royal Exit Milestone


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