George Floyd protester fatally struck by FedEx truck in St. Louis

A man was run over and killed by a FedEx truck during protests in St. Louis, authorities said.

With demonstrators marching over the death of George Floyd swarming streets and causing road closures, the driver of the double tractor-trailer was rerouted off the highway and into surrounding roads, where he encountered another large protest and was forced to stop, investigators said.

While he was stopped, several people gained access to one of the truck’s trailers and started to remove packages, reported.

Then two men, “while standing on the passenger side foot board” flashed guns at the driver, cops said.

Terrified, the driver blasted his horn and took off until he was stopped by police — not realizing that a man had been caught between the two trailers, was pulled underneath and run over, Sgt. Keith Barrett said in a statement.

On Twitter, an apparent witness to the incident said several protesters tried to pull the victim from the truck as it drove away. The tweet appears to show the victim caught between the truck’s trailers.

“Our hearts go out to all those who are grieving the events of this week. We are deeply saddened to learn of a tragic situation involving a demonstrator in St. Louis and one of our vehicles,” Fed-Ex said in a statement.


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