Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly moved at least 36 times during her year in hiding

Ghislaine Maxwell moved at least 36 times across the US in the year before her arrest — and coronavirus mask-wearing may have helped her stay undetected, a report said Sunday.

The British socialite took off from the West Coast and crisscrossed the country — making stops in Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado — before ultimately ending up in New Hampshire, where she was busted 10 days ago, The Sun reported.

“Ghislaine has been ­constantly on the move throughout the last year,” a source told the outlet. “She would stay in properties for a few days or a week.”

Her life on the lam appears to have begun after her pedophile ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, killed himself last August in a Manhattan lockup while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges, according to the paper.

The Sun’s source claimed that between then and her July 2 arrest, Maxwell hopped from home to home, moving at least three times each month.

While on the run, the accused madam mostly spent her days working out and reading — including a book on Epstein’s accusers by victims lawyer Bradley Edwards, in which she featured prominently, Vanity Fair previously reported.

The Sun’s source added that: “She did go out, but not often.”

“Obviously, with the coronavirus, people were wearing masks — it made things easier for her.”

Officials have said they were tracking Maxwell’s movements — and had recently learned that she moved to a luxury home on a 156-acre estate in Bradford, NH, that she bought in an all-cash deal in December.

In an initial memo seeking Maxwell’s detention, prosecutors said she was “hiding out” in various locations in New England and had made efforts to go undetected, including switching her main phone number, which was registered under the name “G Max.”

But The Sun’s source said Maxwell moved around to outrun reporters — not federal authorities — echoing an argument made by her defense attorneys last week for why she was not a flight risk and should be granted bond.

“She was never running from the feds,” the source said. “She was ­running from journalists and crazy people who wanted to kill her.”

“It was a serious problem. Her location was on a need-to-know basis.”

Maxwell reportedly even hired a professional security firm to keep her safe amid an influx of death threats.

She’s now being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and is expected to be arraigned Tuesday on sex-trafficking charges.


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