Grooming for men- Ditch the nonsense and get back to basics with these tips


There has been a manipulation on how men should groom themselves and appear in public. This habit, however, has driven most people away from the basics of grooming and the results are unwelcoming. Just as women, men should look good and handsome at all times. However, if you don’t get the right skills on how you should groom yourself as a man, you will be surprised of how you will look after a few times of grooming.

However, a person’s health solidly depends on his hygiene; therefore, you must always ensure you look stunning at all times for you to develop a healthy culture. Additionally, the way you present yourself to the public determines the type of people you attract primarily female species. Here are a few tips on basic grooming that you can follow and ditch the nonsense styles.

  1. Match your shoes and belt

You don’t necessarily need to be fashion plate for you to understand this essential tip. For you to look stunning and unique among your peers, ensure that your shoes and belt are matching. This will make the entire outfit to look amazing. If you put on brown shoes, don’t even think of taking up that black or white belt, it must be brown to match the shoes.

  1. Put on fitting clothesShoes 3

Long are gone days when you would just put on anything and think you are presentable. Today, for you to look beautiful, you must have a fitting shirt and trouser. That makes the difference. Although people tend to leave the fitting outfits to people with muscles, that’s not the case, whatever body shape you have fitting clothes will always make you presentable.

  1. Work on your posture

Posture is all that matters. When you stand up straight, you give an impression of confidence in who you are. Whether you have 6-packs or a round tummy, your posture creates a sense of pride and trust. It allows everyone to know who you are and wish association with you. Additionally, when you stand tall in the midst of situations, it brings in the ego in you that shows you can handle all.

  1. Hit the gymMen

Although it’s okay to show the world that you are confident in who you are, hitting the gym occasionally helps you build your self-esteem and maintain a physically fit look. A few workouts help you develop some muscles and acquire a particular image automatically. Women love those biceps under your shirts.

  1. Keep your nails clean and short

Men don’t always trim their nails that are not good for you. As a man, you must ensure that your nails are always short and clean. If possible, you can visit the salon for an occasional manicure to ensure they are decent. However, if you don’t have the budget to support that, you can still cut them down at home and file them evenly to keep them in shape.

  1. A little fragrance

When you find the best scent that works for you, don’t bathe in it but rather, keep it simple. You must ensure that your fragrance does not affect the people around you. Let your preference remain hidden for the public, and you will always be standing out when in the company of others.

  1. Floss and brush your teeth

Whether you have white and perfectly straight teeth or not, you must ensure to clean daily. It’s very disgusting when you speak, and people see a buildup of food or plaque stuck between your teeth or again, you have a bad smell from your breath.

  1. Attend to your hair

Men can grow hair on almost every part of their body. However, you must not live with excessive hair on your body to prove that you are a man. You can use the Clinic hair removal machine to ensure you trim your eyebrows, your nose, and ears hair too. Also, you must make sure that you get a good hair cut on a regular basis to keep you straightforward and handsome.


In addition to all the above tips, you must ensure that you take a shower regularly and moisturize your skin to have an amazing selfie quick look at all times.


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