Guidelines on How to Take Care of Chiffon Saree                    

As we already know that Indian women love to wear a saree for any all the occasions and celebrations. Saree is wrapped around the body and for the upper part; they used to wear a blouse. Varieties of sarees online India are available in different fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette and chiffon, velvet. Among all, chiffon saris got much popularity in recent times.

That yarn is first created the fabric and then woven. It’s popular for formal wear dress mainly for women. These characteristics made fabric so unique. Because of thin fabric, it is so cool to wear. It is best suitable for summer season. You feel better and comfortable with this fabric.

Chiffon is a beautiful fabric which denotes the style and fashion too. It’s found in many materials which are in free flowing dress styles. It is a light weighted fabric made of different materials including rayon, silk, cotton and also synthetic fiber such as polyester. Chiffon is used in many stylish and trendy dresses, gowns and handkerchiefs too. Nylon chiffon fabric is used for bridal gowns too. Bride gets that wedding magnificent look with this fabric. It’s not only for dresses but also used for lingerie and nightgowns. One can buy chiffon fabricated products and look stunning ever.

Thin fabric:

Chiffon is very thin fabric; most chiffon is sheer fabric, which means that you can see through the fabric in it is a single piece. Mostly it is used in saris, salwar kameez, scarves etc.

Guidelines how to take care of chiffon sarees:

Just fold the saree into half and keep them in the water tub. Take the lukewarm water and fill it with mild liquid detergent. Just soak it for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water until soak bubbles are removed. You can remove the cold water with a towel and by adding on top of the chiffon saree. Let it get dry and for some time.

In case if you’re using washing machine:

One must take care in case if you are using a washing machine, and never add it to other clothing while washing it. Simply those can spoil the chiffon fabric easily. Add cold water and a cap of detergent and keep your machine in delicate wash mode. If it absorbs too much water, remove using an extra cloth or towel.




 How to dry it?

Avoid the direct sunlight. Just dry it in shade. It’s always suggested.

 Storage suggestion:

Never hang the fabric for a long time. It is recommended to use padded hang. If it supposed to stay there for long days, try to change the folds and keep it there safely. Just follow these recommendations and keep your chiffon fabric items safely in your wardrobe.

Iron Process:

Dry iron is always the best option for chiffon fabric. Iron must be made on silk or simply delicate setting only. Do not press the fabric too hard, it might lose its original shape. Keep move the iron and never leave it on fabric for a long time.


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