Here Are The Five Best Places To Stay In Japan

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Japan is one of the most famous countries in Asia. It is also considered a very progressive country as they can easily fix every problem that may arise because of their advance technology that is why most tech companies rely their sources from Japan. Japan is a country filled with beautiful cherry blossoms and also amazing dishes and there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Japan so you will surely find great hotel accommodations there.

If you want to know more, see the list below:


  1. Hokkaido

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 Hokkaido lies in the northernmost part of Japan. Hokkaido is one of the most known places in Japan because of its natural resources, ski areas, hot springs, volcanoes and many more. It is also considered as one of the most relaxing places in Japan. If you want a very well secluded and rustic place, Hokkaido is definitely the place that you should visit! There are also great budget hotels here!

  1. Tokyo


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Of course, who doesn’t know Tokyo? We all know that Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Tokyo doesn’t need much explaining as googling the word ‘Japan’ will surely take you to beautiful images of Tokyo. Tokyo is also like New York city because it is a city that never sleeps. Aside from the fact that there are great gadget and food stores in Tokyo, we also can’t deny the fact that Tokyo is a home to overseas workers and immigrants.

  1. Kyoto

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Kyoto was once the capital of the beautiful country of Japan until they changed it to Tokyo. It is located at Honshu. If you have a knack for buddhist temples then Kyoto is definitely the place to be. Also, if you want to know more about the history of Japan, visit Kyoto!

  1. Sapporo

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Sapporo has been frequented by a lot of backpackers/travelers over the past golden years. Many people prefer to just visit Sapporo as it is not as spoiled and crowded as Tokyo.  Sapporo is a very picturesque place as well that is why you better get your cameras ready as you will surely enjoy taking photos in this wonderful place! Sapporo is like a province and there are a lot of great things you can do here.


  1. Osaka

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Last but not the least, Osaka. In the Kansai Region of Japan, Osaka is considered a designated city. It is also considered a commercial center on the Japanese Island of Honshu but apart from that, it is also a large port city where people come and go. If you are looking for the best nightlife experience in Japan then consider going to Osaka because you will surely not get disappointed!

Japan is definitely one of the countries that you should not ignore. They offer a lot of great places and amazing accommodations!

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