Here’s Why You Really Don’t Have To Disconnect To Reconnect To The World

We often see the tagline “disconnect to reconnect” which is about disconnecting in social media to reconnect with people in the real world. That’s actually a good thing because nowadays, people are more focused on the internet that they tend to forget to continue doing what they really have to do in real life. But there’s a reason why there a coin has two sides, the other side is the fact that you really don’t have to disconnect or veer away from social media just so you will be able to reconnect and live more in the physical word.


If you wanna know more, here’s why:

  1. Internet Has Reconnected More People in Real Life


This is a fact. Back then when there’s still no internet, it’s hard for people to contact each other. Our generation is evolving and many people are getting to know what it’s like to be in another part of the world despite not being there phyiscally. For a simple explanation, it has helped us see things easily without putting too much effort and that is not a bad thing at all. Internet has also been a tool for dating and making friends. In the end, we should just be responsible with our actions and choices.



  1. Another Way Of Existing In This Universe


A lot of people get tired and exhausted with their lives that they tend to rely on social media for acceptance and belongingness. Most of those affected by this are the teenagers as they are really more into the world of internet and most of them either needs someone who will listen to them or they just need attention. Of course, we can’t deny the fact that teenagers are overusing social media that’s why adults should really guide them. But we also can’t deny the fact that this is their other way of existing in this world and that we should not take that from them.




  1. Advantage For Introverts


Some people really don’t like talking in person. Most of them are introverts that is why we should understand that some people find comfort in social media. If you are one of them, keep going and never allow anyone to tell you to disconnect. Of course, you should know when to continue and when to stop because you still have to know how to interact with people. Try it by travelling with them and converse more and take pictures for your social media profile. Great idea, right?



  1. Promoting Products For Business Matters


In our generation today, a lot of people get to connect with each other through social media and most of them are also using it as a tool to promote the products that they are selling. It’s a great thing that people get to connect with others who want to buy and other sellers as well. Internet is being used as a word of mouth in this context.



  1. You Just Have To Know Your Limits


In the end, you just have to know your limits. If you are having dinner with your family, take that phone down and eat. Converse and connect more with them. If you are in school, take that phone down and listen to your professor. If you are in the office, close that incognito tabs and focus more on your work. The idea of “disconnect to reconnect” doesn’t have to be hard if you know your limits that is why you really don’t have to disconnect to reconnects, you just have to subtly step back when it’s too much.


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