Holy Cow: Video shows bovine inexplicably wash ashore in Ireland

Beachgoers in Ireland were left stunned when they spotted a cow, of all things, trudging ashore last weekend.

The bovine sighting, which was caught on camera, occurred at Bubeg Beach in County Donegal.

“Donegal – where cows emerge from the sea,” wrote Caoimhe O’Connell, who recorded and posted the video on Twitter.

“That’s a cow!” a child can be heard excitedly yelling. “Woah, look at that!,” another witness says.

In the comments section of the post, which had garnered over 55,000 views, O’Connell theorized the cow was on a small island near the shore when the tide came in.

“We just gave it space and it looked like it didn’t know what was happening,” she wrote.

Once the cow reached the shore, the animal booked it past the gawkers toward the greenery, the video shows.


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