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For every home, the patio is perhaps the best place to hold simple to large gatherings. The patio’s extension to the garden and backyard makes it a good place to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and Sunday bonding time with friends and families.

But, you can also enjoy the breeze of the wind in your patio with sipping your hot tea or freshly brewed coffee and a nice plate of creamy pastry.Or you can have casual discussion about life, love, work, school and events with a couple of people like your husband or wife, father, best friend or children. As such, it is just perfect if you have a bistro set.

What is a Bistro Patio Set?

Bistro is a simple café that offers simple and easy menus. This is common in Paris because they are known for serving meals and coffees quickly. A bistro set is composed of two to three small tables and chairs.

Bistro Patio Set Material

A classic bistro set is a three-piece wooden set that has small rectangular folding table and two chairs that can be also folded. The style varies from simple to classy looking.

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Another popular bistro set is made from stainless steel. With the strength of 860 MPa, it is one of the strongest metals known to man. It goes with the saying that anything that is made from stainless steel is long lasting and strong. Homeowners love this type of bistro sets because it’s durablehowever, the only drawback of this; it’s heavy and difficult to carry or move around.

Aluminum bistro set is the perfect alternative to the stainless steel bistro set. They can last for a long time and easier to move around when needed. The plastic bistro sets are now gaining popularity among the homeowners. They can be made from tough plastic material like vinyl which can also last for a long time and they are much more affordable.

There some that combines material in order to make their own bistroset. Like for example, a bistro patio table can have a wooden top and stainless steel or aluminum legs. Also, they can have wooden bistro patio chairs with metal legs and backrest.

Bistro Patio Set Design

Look and shop around to see the different styles and designs of bistrosets. The rectangular folding wooden patio tables and chairs is the most famous type and today, aluminum bistro patio sets with small rounded tables are also gaining recognition among homeowners. You can try the bistro patio sets with padded chairs.

Selecting Your Bistro Patio Set

The style and preference of a bistro set is all up to the homeowner. But, there are certain things that a homeowner must keep in mind before choosing a bistro patio set. First, there should be enough space in the patio. If you own a traditional patio set, then go with traditional-looking wooden bistro set. Don’t overboard, as it is awkward to see a modern designed bistro set in atraditional patio. Therefore, bar patio set must fit perfectly in your patio.


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