How many Levys are involved in Schitt’s Creek?


It’s funny, heartwarming, and very relatable. The characters are so lovable that it feels like you’re watching your own family on screen. But did you know that some of those beloved characters are played by real-life people with the same last name as the actors? Well, they have the same last name but are not related at all! Here’s a list of how many real-life Levys are involved in Schitt’s Creek:

Eugene and Dan Levy

Dan Levy is Schitt’s Creek‘s creator and plays Johnny Rose in the series. Eugene Levy stars as his father, Moira Rose. Dan Levy is not related to Eugene Levy or Catherine O’Hara, who plays his mother Moira’s business partner on the show. In addition, he is not related to Jennifer Robertson, who plays their daughter Alexis.

Dan Levy has a brother named David (a writer) who does not appear in any episodes of Schitt’s Creek, nor does he live in Saskatchewan like Dan does (David lives in Toronto).

Sarah Levy

Sarah Levy is an actress, writer, singer, and director who has appeared in the television series Schitt’s Creek. She is also a musician and producer.

The daughter of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, Sarah Levy is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School. In addition to her work on Schitt’s Creek (for which she shared writing credit), she has also directed episodes of Mad Men, The Good Wife, and other shows.

Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy is a fictional character played by Emily Hampshire. She is one of the main characters on Schitt’s Creek, and she is the daughter of Johnny and Moira Rose. She is the youngest of the family, and she has been struggling as an actress for several years now. In Season 2, episode 6, we see Annie auditioning for a role in Jagged Little Pill: The Musical! Unfortunately, it isn’t clear whether she gets it or not because there are no updates on her career after that scene; however, if you haven’t been watching this show yet (what are you waiting for?!), then keep reading to learn more about our favorite aspiring actress in Hollywood!

Emily Hampshire

The actor Emily Hampshire plays Moira Rose, the matriarch of the Schitt’s Creek family. She is an actor and singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.

She has been married to Chris Elliott since 2015; they have a daughter named Myla Elliott-Hampshire.

Her solo album “For Your Consideration” was released in 2006; she also released an EP called “So There I Was” in 2008 and another solo album called “The Very Last Day” in 2014.

In addition to acting on Schitt’s Creek, she hosts a podcast called The Dirtied Shirt that explores what it means for her to be a Canadian living abroad (as she does now).

Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan is a Canadian actor and Schitt’s Creek cast member.

He was born in Toronto on December 14, 1986.

Before he began acting, he worked as a model and dancer for companies like L’Oreal and Got Milk. Milligan is also an avid hockey player.

Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O’Hara is a Canadian actress who has appeared in numerous TV and film roles. Her most notable roles include the character of Marg Delahunty on SCTV and Kate McCallister in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, but she is also known for her comedic work with the comedy troupe Second City Television (SCTV).

In an interview with the Schitt’s Creek cast, Catherine said she was thrilled to join this project because it combines all her acting strengths. In addition, the series gives her a chance to tell jokes through physical comedy and improvise with Eugene Levy, something that she couldn’t often do during her time at SCTV due to budget constraints.

Chris Elliott

Christopher Elliott Levy (born March 7, 1944) is a Canadian actor, comedian, and writer. He is the father of Dan and Eugene Levy. In addition to his work in film and television, he has written several books on humor and travel.

He first gained public notice as part of The Second City comedy troupe in Toronto during the 1960s. After moving to Los Angeles, he secured a recurring role on ABC’s Soap, where he appeared opposite future Schitt’s Creek co-stars Catherine O’Hara and Andrea Martin (the latter being previously cast with Elliott in CBC’s SCTV). In 1993 he landed his talk show entitled The Chris Elliott Show, which ran for three seasons before being canceled due to poor ratings.[1]

Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson is a producer and writer on Schitt’s Creek. She worked as a co-executive producer for Degrassi: The Next Generation and has also been involved in other shows such as Murdoch Mysteries, Schitt’s Creek, and more.

In addition to her work on screen, Jennifer is also an author of children’s books who has written over 30 books! She was nominated for the Governor General Award twice in 1982 and again in 1983 for her play The Colonel’s Lady.

Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon is an actor and comedian known for his role as J-Roc in the Canadian mockumentary series Trailer Park Boys. He has also appeared in other Canadian television shows such as Call Me Fitz and Less Than Kind. In 2018, he won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Program or Series for his role in Schitt’s Creek.

Rozon is one of the main actors on Schitt’s Creek and plays Johnny Rose’s (Eugene Levy) brother Patrick Rose. Entertainment Weekly describes the character of Patrick as “an unrepentant narcissist whose only interests are himself, sex with women half his age, fashion and making money.”

Karen Robinson

  • Karen Robinson is the mother of David and Alexis. Jennifer Robertson plays her.
  • She is married to a man named Robert Robinson, who owns a company called Robinson Enterprises Inc. The two were married in 1991 but separated after just two years of marriage (and shortly after the birth of their son). However, they reunited several years later and had another child together in 1995: Alexis’ twin sister Davida (played by Alison Sweeney).
  • Karen was a very successful real estate agent before the show started—she’s shown working in her office during various episodes—and it seems she continues to be quite successful at it throughout the series as well.

Noah Reid

Noah Reid is the son of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, and he’s a Canadian actor. He has appeared in several films and TV shows, including The Trotsky (2009), Robots (2005), and Schitt’s Creek (2015). Noah has a twin sister, Darby Reid, who is also an actor.

In Schitt’s Creek Season 1 Episode 5, “Don’t Drink the Water,” we learn that there are only three Levys: Patrick, his mother Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and his father Eugene (Eugene Levy). However, there are four Levys involved in filming this series: Eugene Levy plays both his adult self as well as Patrick J. Murphy; Catherine O’Hara plays her adult self Moira Rose McPhee-Levy; Natasha Calis plays young Moira; Andrew Bushman plays young Patrick J Murphy or PJM;

A lot of real-life Levys are involved in Schitt’s Creek.

It’s no secret that many of the actors in Schitt’s Creek are related, but even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s still easy to tell that they probably have some familial connection. This is because most cast members are married or dating someone who also appears on the show. For example, Annie Murphy is married to Dan Levy (David Rose), who plays Johnny Rose on Schitt’s Creek. Meanwhile, in real life, Sarah Levy (Emily Hampshire) and Catherine O’Hara (Moira Rose) are mother and daughter.


Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian comedy series by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy. The show revolves around the Rose family, who suddenly find themselves broke and forced to live in their only remaining asset – a small town they once bought as an investment. As the family struggles to adapt to their new reality, they realize that despite their differences, they’re still very much a family. We can’t wait for more episodes!


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