How many NBA games are scheduled?


The NBA schedule has become a lot more confusing in recent years. There are so many games and teams to choose from that it can be hard to know what’s happening. When do the playoffs start? How many games are there in a season? How does the fixture list work, exactly? It’s all very confusing. So we’ll break down everything you need about today’s NBA games for last-minute plans!

How many NBA games are scheduled?
How many NBA games are scheduled?

The Nba Fixture List Is Confusing

The NBA fixture list is confusing, as there are a lot of games, and the schedule is different every year. The program is also other depending on the season, so you have to be careful when reading an NBA fixture list because it may not be relevant to your current period.

The NBA’s schedule depends on the venue in which they play and the team they play against. This means that if you want to know when an NBA game will take place, you need to know who is playing against each other at what venue. It would help if you also considered whether this would happen during an important holiday or special events like Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve (there are two). If there isn’t any other information available about how many days in advance we need before each match takes place, then we have no way of knowing whether it’ll be worth watching life or not!

Today’s Nba Games Explained

You may be wondering how many NBA games are scheduled. The answer is that there are hundreds of games played each year by the 30 teams in the league. The season begins in October, with preseason games starting even earlier, and ends with a finals series sometime in June or July.

You can watch these games on TV or via streaming services such as ESPN+ and Hulu Live TV (where you can get a free trial). If you cannot watch live, all games are archived on League Pass for later viewing.

The End Of The Season Is Confusing

There are two ways to look at the end of the season. If your team is out of contention, it’s a great time to rest and reset for next year. Otherwise, it’s a chance to see how your squad stacks up against the best in their sport. As with any other professional sport, there are playoffs, and then there’s everyone else.

In most sports these days, teams have an opportunity at redemption if they fall short during their regular season: The playoffs are where couples can get their second chance at glory (or even third). Although this isn’t as true in basketball as it is with some other sports like baseball or football because only 16 teams make it into postseason play—which means nearly half of all NBA franchises won’t even get that far—it can still feel like an uphill battle for those left behind when all their peers advance onto glory land.

But once those 16 teams emerge victorious from their respective conferences after seven gruelling rounds… well… then comes another game! That’s right: In addition to ensuring that only one team from each conference advances into NBA Finals territory, there’s also an extra step called “The Finals.” Herein lies one last test before being crowned world champion: Four games must be played between two squads; whichever team comes out on top gets crowned “NBA Champion,” which sounds pretty impressive but doesn’t mean much besides bragging rights (and perhaps some cash prizes) until next year rolls around again when everybody starts fighting over who gets first pick in next year’s draft lottery so they can try again at attaining glory with a new class of players fresh out of college.*

The Championship

The NBA Finals are a best-of-seven series, with games 1 and 2 played on the team’s home court that earned their way there. So, for example, if the Rockets beat the Blazers to advance to the finals this year, they would host games 1 and 2. Games 3 and 4 would be played in Portland (if necessary), and then games 5 and 6 would return to Houston (if required). The final two games are then played at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA (unless you’re watching them on ABC). In case you’re wondering how many NBA games are scheduled each year—and don’t worry because we were too—we’ve got some answers for you!

There are a lot of games, and sometimes they can seem confusing.

The NBA season is a long and exciting ride, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you have to keep track of many games. Who schedules them?

The NBA itself does not schedule games; each team is responsible for scheduling its own games. Each unit has its staff that plans out the season in advance, including which sections they play against and when to maximize their chances of winning (and making money).


It’s normal to get confused by the NBA schedule, but it doesn’t need to be that way. By understanding how many games are scheduled and where they fall concerning the playoffs, we can better understand why teams play. The end of the season is always a bit confusing because not all couples make it there, or if they do, not everyone makes it past round one or two. The championship game is always exciting because it means we have winners!


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