Any person who has ever used lace wigs has to agree that they are one of the finest inventions in the hair treatment market. Their adaptability is unmatched and the possibility with lace wigs is endless. However, people using them for the first time can get a little overwhelmed due to the sheer number of wigs available and how to pick them correctly.1

The best quality lace wigs are made from Remy hair and normally Indian, Chinese or European hair is used. Depending on the quality of hair, it comes in different textures that you can choose from and this is where most newbie’s get stumped.

1. If you want a ‘real’ looking lace wig.

While lace wigs always look natural, there is a difference between them looking natural and ‘real’. If you don’t want people knowing that you are using a lace wig, it is best to pick one that is closest to your natural hair texture.

The Silky Straight Lace Wig is straight, silky and shiny and is great for people with this type of natural hair texture. The Indian Remy silky straight wig has a slight wave, whereas the Chinese is straighter and slightly coarser in texture.

The Light Yaki Lace Wig is also straight but minus the shine. This texture is best for natural hair that is wavy and you straighten it frequently.

The Yaki Lace Wig is slightly coarser than the light yaki and it looks like tight curly hair that has been straightened.

The AA Relaxed Lace Wig resembles Afro hair that has been relaxed. Pick this texture if your natural hair is of coarse Afro texture and you frequently relax it.

The Kinky Straight Lace Wig resembles natural Afro hair that has been blow dried straight.

2. If you want full and dense hair.

Though a large variety of lace wigs are light to medium density, Kinky Straight, Body wave, Brazilian Curl or Natural Curl lace wig textures have the most volume and density. If you are looking for hair with even more volume, you can order a custom-made lace wig that suits your needs.

3. If you want hair that is low maintenance and easily manageable.

 Even though all lace wigs need proper maintenance, Indian Virgin Remy and Chinese Virgin Remy textures need lesser care than others, as they have not been treated with any chemical at all. However, these textures are very silky and shiny and might not look ‘real’ if your natural hair doesn’t match it.

*Please note that there may be variations in textures depending on different sellers and quality of hair so research thoroughly before buying a lace wig.

They have the highest quality lace wigs in the market at an affordable price and they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The representatives at the store will also help your pick out the correct lace wig and give you tips and tricks to help maintain it.

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