How to Choose the Right Psychiatrist

Finding oneself at the doorsteps of a shrink doesn’t come as a surprise to many these days. The number of cases of mental illnesses has gone up considerably and it’s no longer a stigma to discuss mental health. People have come to understand that there can be a range of minor mental illnesses that won’t put them in a house.

When a general practitioner or someone else advises a patient to go for a psychiatric consultation, most of them end consulting one they came to know through some friends or through the internet. And, after a few sessions of treatment, they realize that what’s has been good for their friends might not be good for them!

The market is replete with psychiatrists, and one cannot go about a trial and error method to choose the right one. So, here are a few tips to choose a psychiatrist.

  1. Initially, trust the general practitioner to suggest a competent psychiatrist. Since the general practitioner or the family doctor has a good understanding of the patient’s medical history, and they would be able to suggest a psychiatrist that suits the patient’s condition.
  2. It is difficult for a person to bare his/her feelings in front of a psychiatrist who is not so communicative and compassionate. So, it is better to choose one with whom the patient can relate to and narrate their travails.
  3. Before zeroing in on a psychiatrist, it is always better to check the credentials. Check for board certifications, specialities and subspecialties. This allows one to know about the experience of the psychiatrist in treating a particular condition.
  4.  Inquire if the psychiatrist performs psychotherapy. It pays to have sessions of psychotherapy in cases of certain mental illnesses instead of just popping in antidepressants and antipsychotics.
  5. In case of addictions and substance abuse, the treatment not only involves detoxification, and medications, there is need for behavioural therapy as well. So, it is advised to choose a psychiatrist that provides comprehensive rehabilitation for addictions and substance abuse in order to avoid relapse.
  6. It is always better for a patient to go for a psychiatrist who prescribes an evidence based treatment. Often, evidence based treatments are based upon sound research and have good efficacy.
  7. Some psychiatrists prescribe bio psychosocial model of treatment. This is a comprehensive form of treatment that effectively addresses the social factors, biological factors, and psychological factors. This form of treatment is effective in the case of complex illnesses.

It’s always better to ask the psychiatrist as many questions as possible to understand the treatment procedure and be reassured that the patient is getting the best form of treatment.

In case, a patient is not satisfied with either the approach of the treatment or the medications, it is advised that the patient seek medical second opinion, which can also be done through an online consultation.

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One thought on “How to Choose the Right Psychiatrist

  • 21/02/2017 at 8:20 pm

    One of the first tips you mentioned was asking our general physician for recommendations for a good psychiatrist. A friend of mine has been struggling with some mental issues, and has been considering seeing a professional. I know that she has been seeing her doctor for years and completely trusts him. If she were to get a recommendation from her doctor, I think she would feel a lot more comfortable seeing the psychiatrist, and that could result in a lot of good.


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