How To Design An Attractive Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are a fantastic place to drum up business for your company, whether you are involved in selling fitness products or ink cartridges an exhibition centre will be filled with your target market. Before you go to an exhibition you should have sales targets that you want to fulfil, having paid for your space you need to know you are going to maximise your potential and at least make a profit and make it worthwhile attending. In order to increase your visibility and sales you need to ensure that you have the best possible exhibition stand that grabs the customer’s attentions and makes them want to come over. In this article I will outline a few ways to ensure you drive as many customers to your stand as possible.


Clear & Modern Signage

Nothing looks worse than old fashioned or old and faded signage, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think whether you would want to go to a stall that had a display like that. Customers want to go somewhere that looks professional and has nice contemporary, clear stand design. Design your signage with bright colours in the background and large clear text with your company logo throughout. Make sure you have your company details including website, phone numbers and addresses on there so people can take note for future reference without having to speak to you.

Appeal To Modern Technology

We are in 2013 now, technology and social media is all around us so make sure you make your exhibition as accessible as possible to it. Have large Facebook and Twitter logos with your handles underneath it so people can follow it easily and offer a QR tag that will take them either directly to your website or twitter page to enable them to easily follow you.

Be Interactive

You are walking past hundreds if not thousands of stands in a day so as a customer you will only take a second look at the stands that have something different. Try giving away free samples, even if they are only branded pens, people love free stuff! Or put on a demonstration of a product to encourage people to take part and have a go, if they enjoy it then in all likelihood they will buy it.

Exhibitions are all about standing out, if you follow the above steps then you are guaranteed to be in the top 10% of businesses there, all that is left to say is to ensure you have plenty of business cards and a good position in the exhibition hall i.e. next near the door if possible so people will walk past your stall twice.


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