How to Get Rid of Autumn Depression


Symptoms of seasonal autumn depression are familiar to many people. The mood spoils along with the weather right from the morning. One may suffer from insomnia at night and feel sleepy during the day. The absence of appetite may be replaced by agonizing hunger.
In addition, problems at work may arise: it may become very difficult to concentrate on solving problems and bring the task to the end. Sometimes the autumn depression is manifested by a decrease in self-esteem and even self-flagellation.
It seems to a person that his existence is meaningless, that he did nothing good in this life and that he is the one to be blamed for all the problems and troubles of his friends, children and parents. Such heavy thoughts sometimes lead to suicides. Close people can not ignore the emergence of such ideas from their relatives. If depression becomes life-threatening, the intervention of a psychiatrist can not be avoided.

Lack of sun and serotonin
When leaves are falling from the trees, the surrounding world really seems gray and faded. The days become shorter, and the nights are longer and the sky, covered with autumn clouds, makes us less likely to enjoy the sun.
There is an opinion that it is the deficit of sun rays that causes depressive moods. The causes of seasonal autumn-winter depression are in the human body, that is, such depressions are classified as endogenous.
Not only ruthless blows of fate can lead to serious emotional frustration, when even people with a very healthy and strong psyche sometimes fall into a depression. Unlike reactive depression, which occurs against a background of a severe stressful situation, endogenous depression is a mental disorder based on a genetic factor.
A person inherited reduced adaptive capacity of the body and a violation of the regulation of certain substances, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine from ancestors. Deficiency of these substances causes endogenous depression, the most serious manifestations of which are, in addition to apathy and bad mood, motor inhibition and delayed thinking. In such cases, it is said that a person resembles a sleepy autumn fly.

Help of antidepressants and psychotherapy

According to scientists, the main reason for the appearance of autumn depression is the lack of serotonin in the brain, which is one of the main neurotransmitters. Sometimes its deficiency is formed due to insufficient production of this substance, and sometimes – due to excessive activity of protein – the carrier of serotonin. The activity of this protein reaches its maximum when the body receives the minimum amount of solar radiation. Such depression is treated with antidepressants, which increase the content of active serotonin in the brain.
By the way, antidepressants can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of autumn depression. However, do not forget that such medications can be prescribed only by the doctor.
Just a few sessions of psychotherapy will help to get rid of increased anxiety, feelings, complexes, negative thoughts and improve mood.
Healing light

An effective method of prevention and treatment of autumn depression is light therapy. In this case, rays of light are used, which are not as bright as solar ones, but noticeably brighter than ordinary lamps in an apartment.
For light therapy sessions, which usually last from 30 minutes to two hours, bright fluorescent lamp is used. A patient suffering from depression sits opposite to it. It is best to conduct such treatment in the morning. Most patients feel relief after several sessions of light therapy, since this method of treatment fills in the deficit of sunlight and helps to restore the “biological clock” responsible for the time of falling asleep and waking up. The first results of treatment are noticeable in 3-4 days. To get rid of the symptoms of seasonal depression, sessions of light therapy should be attended within three weeks.
What could be better than bad weather?
Is it possible to cope with the autumnal depression alone – without taking medications, light therapy and psychotherapy? It is possible if you notice the symptoms on time and do not give it a chance to develop to a state of severe mental illness. The rain outside the window is not a reason to refuse to run and walk in the fresh air. Your favorite hobby will distract you from sad thoughts. This is a great opportunity to relax your body and soul.
If there are problems with sleep, the main thing is to remain calm and not to take a sleeping pill. Try to lie down at the same time, preferably until 10 pm, when sleep restores the brain and the body as a whole. To fall asleep quickly, take a relaxing bath and drink a glass of warm milk with honey. Ask a loved one to give you a relaxing massage.
Just before going to bed, do not watch bad news, “horror movies” and heartbreaking TV series on TV. Psychologists advise people who are prone to depression, if possible, to protect themselves from any negative information. Improve your mood by regular physical activity. After completing the summer season, sign up for fitness, yoga, ballroom dancing.
In order to be charged with positive emotions, it is necessary to do not only what is needed, but also what you really want, as it gives pleasure. Pamper yourself more often: go to a movie, to an exhibition, to a circus, to a zoo, and then at a restaurant in the evening. In the end, you can escape from the autumn depression by embarking on an exciting journey.
Bad time for strict diets
Depression provokes a shortage of the so-called “hormone of happiness” serotonin, because autumn is not the time for strict diets. On the contrary, in order to fill the deficiency of serotonin and melatonin (a sleep hormone), it is necessary to increase the amount of foods containing the tryptophan amino acid, which is necessary for their production.
For normal operation of the nervous system, fatty acids and B vitamins are necessary. There are a lot of them in sea fish. This is not only salmon. Buy herring and mackerel. There is tryptophan in fish, which does not break down during heat treatment. A similar positive effect on the psyche cause nuts, bananas, hard cheese and sea kale, also containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins and microelements important for health.
Oranges, persimmons, carrots, sweet peppers, beets pleases us not only with a bright color: they are rich in bioflavonoids, which stimulate blood circulation in the brain and improve its work. This is information for those who still can not concentrate on work after summer holidays.
Chocolate is the sweetest antidepressant. It not only improves mood, but also helps to solve complex intellectual problems. Your mood will be significantly increased and you will forget about autumn depression!
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