Lace wigs can make you look gorgeous and glamorous in the most natural way, without having to spend hours at a salon. But for this 1great styling option they easily offer to you, you have to make sure you take care of them in return.

All lace wigs are of two types – French base or Swiss base. The French lace is more resilient and is easier to take care of, whereas the Swiss lace comparatively needs more care. The most essential lace wig upkeep necessity is that you should keep it carefully on a wig stand so that its shape will stay undamaged for a longer time.

How frequently you clean the wig varies according to how much it is used and in what circumstances you use it. Your way of living, amount of perspiration and the atmosphere your wig gets exposed to are the deciding factors of how much maintenance your wig really requires.

Now, getting your wig cleaned professionally ever once in a while might not be feasible especially if you are on a tight budget as these processes can cut quite a big hole in your pocket. Instead, if you try and maintain your wig properly everyday and carefully do simple things at home, it can definitely help keep your wig in a great condition.

1. Shampoo and Condition.


Wash the wig every 2 weeks to make sure that it is clean because most times matting and tangling occur due to dirty hair. You can gently wash the wig with a mild shampoo and Luke warm water. Conditioning is a must to help nourish the hair and make it softer. Try using a baby shampoo and conditioner as they are extremely mind.

2. Minimum Heat Usage.

 The lesser amount of heat you use, the better. You should treat your wig just like your natural hair and try to reduce the use straighteners and curlers. If you do use them, protect your hair heat protecting serums. Many people don’t understand that the human hair used on wigs is real hair and so it needs to be treated like it is growing out of our own head!

3. Care at Night.


If you are a regular wig user, then it is better to remove it at night keep it on a mannequin head as this will help prolong the life of your wig.

4. Moisture.

Use a light serum after washing your hair or if you feel that the wig looks dry, to help nourish the hair and get it to recover its sheen back. Also, after washing your hair, apply an anti fizz product to help your hair settle naturally. That helps in getting the essential oils that take out the dryness from the hair.

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