How to Use The Nest Aware and Its Benefits?

Nest Aware is a premium membership service that uploads to the cloud event-based video footage from your Nest devices. This service is only available in the United States, Canada, UK, and Germany. It also includes updates to intelligent detection, unique alarms, and activity zones.

The nest aware is one of the new features of Nest Labs’ Nest Protect smart camera. We can call it a NEST product that allows you to view your home through the smart device in real time. It is placed on any window of your house which perfectly records video footage when the alarm goes off by emitting a sound like a loud horn to warn you about an intrusion. This service provides alerts to your phone anytime you leave or arrive at your home.

How does it work?

Using nest aware sign up, you can receive a history of your Nest Cam footage for up to 30 days. You can view your history in the cloud anytime and from any device. With this product, you can access “Activity Zones” which do not record all of the footage. It’s basically a part of your house that you chose that saves more space on your account disk space compared to recording everything on the whole camera’s field of view. This makes it easier for you to choose where you want to watch and when you want to record.

How to Use The Nest Aware and Its Benefits?

How to use it?

Activating set up nest aware is straightforward. You can activate a Nest Aware subscription through the “My Account” section in the Nest app. Make sure you have an active internet connection within range of your camera for it to work successfully. You can select a location and choose which cameras you want to subscribe to. It’s best for people who want to keep an eye on their home but don’t require 24/7 monitoring, and 5 GB of cloud storage will be enough.

Overview of features: 

24/7 video footage of your home.

Automatic activity zones: This feature detects areas around your property with high levels of activity and will only turn on your cameras when people are there. This helps save battery life on your camera.

Programmed Activity Zones: Nest Aware allows you to create a virtual fence around any area that is important to you to monitor such as a room or an entrance door. Whenever motion is detected in the area, nest aware plus subscription algorithms automatically turns that camera on even if it was turned off before the motion took place.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Get more out of every Nest camera: With nest aware upgrade, your Nest Cam sees more and knows more, even telling you when it sees a person or its motion sensor has been triggered. Even if your camera doesn’t detect activity, with Nest Aware you get a clip of everything that happened while the alarm was on. That can help you make an informed decision about what happened and what to do next time.
  2. Keep your Nest Home safe, secure, and private: Even if someone broke into your home, with Nest Aware you can still see what happened and keep your place safe.
  3. Set up Nest Aware and create Activity Zones in just a few minutes: It’s easy to set up Nest Aware and create Activity Zones in just a few minutes. Just plug your Nest Cam into power, download the Nest app and follow the steps in the app. It’s that simple.
  4. Stay informed with alerts and notifications: With Nest Aware, you get 30 days of video history stored securely in the cloud so you can access it anytime from any device. You’ll also get notifications about what happened when your cameras are triggered or alerts when there’s more activity happening than usual at home, even if your smartphone is tucked away inside your bag or pocket.

How to Use The Nest Aware and Its Benefits?

Comparing Nest Aware with Google Cloud based Storage locker: 

Google stores all of your footage for up to 30 days or 30 GB of storage. However, the cost per month for that storage is $150. With Nest Aware, it’s a $49 a year neat aware subscription that gives you 5 GB of cloud-based storage. To put it in perspective, this includes active paged recording of events and full-motion video clips with no buffer time between events – which is not available in the Google plan. This is a bit expensive if you just want video footage of your home.

But it is helpful for someone who needs to access the camera feed to get more information about what happened in the house. If you want more than 5GB of storage, there are ways to buy more space. You can download clips and keep them in your phone’s library, but that could take up a lot of space considering the length of time they last (30 days).

What if you don’t have Nest Aware?

There are Nest Cam series without Nest Aware. These cameras do not have geofencing support, they will not save video history, and they don’t have activity detection zones – which reduces false alarms and saves battery life. You’ll have to decide what’s more important to you: saving money or having a camera with these features.

Is Nest Aware worth it?

If you’re considering a Nest Aware subscription, here are some things to consider:

-You need a Nest Protect smoke detector to use Nest Aware.

-Your cameras will record more frequently if you choose Activity Zones. That can increase the amount of storage you need and may result in higher cloud storage costs.

-You need a good internet connection to use Nest Aware.

-Can not use the activity zone feature if your internet is not working properly.

-You can’t view your video history in the cloud if you have a lack of an active Internet connection.

Nest Aware is an essential service for users who are security conscious and want a full picture of what happened in their home. It’s easy to set up, has real time access, and lets you install more devices on your Nest account with 5 GB of storage for $49 a year.

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