Huntington Beach PD disperses huge, ‘unruly’ party organized on TikTok

Cops arrested almost 150 people after over one thousand revelers lighting fires and shooting fireworks descended on Huntington Beach outside of Los Angeles on Saturday night for a party publicized via TikTok, according to reports.

Police in riot gear used less-than-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd on Saturday, the second consecutive night of crowds summoned to the beach town by a viral video advertising “Adrian’s Kickback.”

The Huntington Beach Police Department declared an “unlawful assembly” at 7:13 p.m. as partygoers began to shoot illegal firework and scale one of the beach’s lifeguard towers, the Orange County Register reported.

An emergency curfew was declared for 11:30 p.m., and lifted six hours later, the police department said on Twitter.

The 150 arrests included 121 adults and 28 minors, the Register reported. They face charges including vandalism, illegal fireworks, failure to disperse and curfew violations.

Multiple businesses and police vehicle were damaged, but the police reported no significant injuries, the Register said.

Footage showed cops firing less-than-lethal weapons at the crowd, as well as a police cruiser with shattered windows.

Cops also received threats of an explosive device in the area, Fox 11 LA reported.

Saturday’s shenanigans came the day after cops dispersed a smaller “Adrian’s Kickback” crowd of 400, according to the report — after members of the crowd began launching fireworks too close to the beach’s fire pits.

Both “parties” were sparked by a since-deleted TikTok video from user adrian.lopez517, inviting people to the beach for a party at 7:30 on Saturday.

The post urged partygoers to “BYOE,” or “bring your own everything,” the Register said, and some users posted that they were traveling across the country to attend,


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