Idaho representative compares coronavirus lockdown to Nazi Germany

An Idaho state representative has sparked outrage after comparing coronavirus lockdown measures to the Nazi internment of Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Republican Rep. Heather Scott referred to Gov. Brad Little as “Little Hitler” during a podcast interview — and claimed his “unconstitutional” division of workers by whether or not they are essential was comparable to how Jews were chosen for death camps.

“I mean that’s no different than the Nazi Germany, where you had government telling people, you are an essential worker or non-essential worker and the non-essential workers got put on a train,” she said during an hour-long interview with podcaster Jess Fields.

The comments sparked outrage on Twitter, as well as among local community leaders.

“Mass murder and genocide is not the same thing as deciding which businesses should essentially stay open and which should stay closed,” Rabbi Tamar Malino of Spokane’s Temple Beth Shalom told the Spokesman-Review newspaper, which first highlighted her comments.

Brenda Hammond, president of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force, said the comments showed “an extreme ignorance of history.”

“Her words will be especially hard for members of our community whose own relatives were put on those trains. Not to mention the few Holocaust survivors we are still privileged to have living among us,” she told the paper.

Idaho Democrats, meanwhile, tweeted that her “extreme display of ignorance” could not be “overstated.”

An unrepentant Scott later defended her remarks, calling the local Spokesman-Review article a “hit piece.”

“My videos and interviews are generating a lot of positive responses and people are waking up. My recent analogies are poignant and relative to our times,” she insisted in a Facebook post.

Early Monday, she posted her continued support of those who had defied Idaho’s social-distancing orders and instead gathered in mass protests.


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