Illinois police officer who fatally shot 19-year-old black man fired

An Illinois police officer who fatally shot a black teenager during a traffic stop this week has been fired, a new report said.

The unidentified officer was axed for “multiple policy and procedure violations,” over the Tuesday shooting death of 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette in the city of Waukegan, NBC Chicago reported.

Stinnette was a passenger in a car driven by his girlfriend, Tafara Williams, 20, who was wounded in the shooting.

The officer was approaching the pair’s car when it began moving in reverse; the officer is claiming he opened fire because he was in fear of his life, the Chicago Tribune had reported.

The officer who opened fire is Hispanic, police said. No gun was found in the car.

Williams was hospitalized after having two surgeries for gunshot wounds to the abdomen and arm, her mother said.

State police, with the assistance of the FBI, are investigating the fatal shooting, the Tribune reported.


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