Importance of Sports and Fitness in Our Daily Lives

The few moments just after a workout tell more about the importance of sports and fitness in our daily lives than any number of gigabytes. The pleasure is ageless, gender-free and universal. Not just you and me, see how even birds and animals make a game of it. Aerobatics of a kite or a gamboling puppy demonstrate what good fitness can do.


You may play ball, skip the rope, pump the irons or simple put on the sneakers and take a walk.  The life gets that much better. Can we see how fitness helps each of us?

Sports and Fitness for Women:

Let the women get the first chance. The motherhood and other things special to females take a higher toll on the body. As a woman, you need more support with hormones, toning up blood circulation and additional energy. It’s simply this. The world over, it’s the woman who is the pivot of the family. If you are healthy and happy, the family is that much healthier and happier. Particularly, the children will be stronger.

Moreover, in the senior stage of life, women have to be doubly careful with osteoporosis, depleted calcium and similar conditions. Take time off for a sport or a fitness regime now and build up the defenses.

What happens if you don’t exercise? Crinkled skin, looking older, dependence, gulping capsules and swallowing syrups; well, this is not pressing panic buttons, but it’s a scenario.

And, you do deserve at least that half an hour for yourself. Quality time when you need not be a wife, mother, or a manager; be just your precious self. Of course this applies to men and children. Even when you are playing a team sport, or taking a fitness program, you live those very personal moments.

Sports help children develop better:

We all know how all work and no play made Jack quite a dull chap. Exercise pumps more oxygen into the lungs, builds up stamina and helps the kids to do better at their studies. They can ward off the colds and sniffles and be cheerful all through the life.

Sports as team builders in offices:

Not many HR initiatives generate the amount of team spirit and bonding as an office badminton or football team does. See how the Japanese companies accelerated productivity through group fitness activities for employees.

You don’t need expensive sports gear or fancy fitness equipment or be a Serena. A home gym or a simple bat would do the trick and it’s never too late to start.

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