Important benefits of accessing Amazon

Amazon prime is a membership subscription to Amazon which offers their customer premium services for a yearly or monthly fee. It provides a discount on shipping and free membership to prime Video, Twitch Prime, and Amazon Drive and you will have thirty minutes early access to lightning deals for a yearly subscription fee. Amazon prime is free of two-day shipping and it has several benefits such as Amazon specific and partnered benefits.


There will be free shipping offers to comers with no minimum order size and this applies to millions of eligible items. If the customer is not in a hurry there will be two-day shipping for a credit which is used in digital purchases such as ebooks and online movie rentals. Amazon prime video is a streaming service that includes membership and offers an exclusive title in the amazon prime video. 


There will be a Twitch Prime streaming service that gives customers a free channel subscription to a video game streamer of their choice. Amazon Drive subscription offers unlimited storage for files and also you can access a file from anywhere. Amazon prime customers can purchase through Amazon shopping sites. It will be a year-long subscription and also you can monthly and pay for individual services like Prime Video without the full membership. 


Amazon prime streaming benefits 


In a streaming service, you will have unlimited video services and limited music streaming. In unlimited video services, Netflix offers movies, TV shows, and original content. It can access virtually all mobile services devices and streaming devices along with most game consoles and smart TVs. You will have many tv shows and movies that you can download to your phone or tablet from offline viewing. Here you can round up every new movie and TV shows on Amazon prime video. 


The limited music streaming services in amazon prime offer music afford unlimited and ad-free access to a song library stocked with over 2 million tracks. You can stream various devices, and songs you can download to your phone and tablet for offline listening. Prime music cannot be confused with Amazon music unlimited which offers a much larger library but the cost is expensive. Amazon prime subscribers can get a break on the prices. 


Amazon prime media benefits


There will be many benefits as in the media video there are Unlimited photo storage, Free e-books and magazines, Free ebooks, part 2, Free Audible channels, and Free PC games and extras. 


  • Unlimited photo storage – Amazon prime offers unlimited cloud storage for photos and people are using the Amazon drive app to upload pictures from phones and tablets, you can archive photos from your hard drive. The amazon prime video and photo gives you 5 GB of storage for documents and videos. 


  • Free e-books and magazines – If you prime subscription, you can get access to Amazon Prime Reading which will be a lending library to browse up to 10 titles. This library offers a relatively small selection, so you need not expect a lot of new titles or bestsellers. 


  • Free ebooks part 2 – It is called first read and it works as each month, Amazon editors curate upward of a dozen yet-to-be-released books and give Prime subscribers to change their pick for free. 


  • Free Audible channels – Amazon owns the audio book service Audible which is one of the prime best-kept secrets and has a small selection of audio books available only to Prime members. You need to find them and venture into the Audible app on your phone, then you tap the Channels icon and scroll down until you see Audio book Collections.


  • Free PC games and extras – it will be hardcore gamers who know about twitch and users can watch and share game videos. Prime subscribers link to their Twitch and Prime accounts which can get free games and in-game loot. 


About prime supplement membership 


With this prime supplement membership, you can watch your favorite shows and movies from HBO, Showtime, and Starz channels. For these, no cable is required and no additional apps to download. You will have a Grubhub plus membership and redemption is free for one year and this can be visited by the amazon smile websites. It includes unlimited free delivery to over $12 as well as exclusive perks and rewards like free food and order discounts.


Amazon prime streaming is not available to customers who can purchase products for resale and also you cannot use prime to ship products to the customers or potential customers. Some items might not be available for two- days of shipping due to special shipping characteristics; instead you can use free shipping and delivery in four to five business days. Prime members have a certain discount monthly wise and prime offers cannot share in their preemie benefits. 


You can watch Amazon prime videos on your devices 


Here are a few steps to install the amazon prime video app. You can install the app on various devices such as android phones, smart tv, computer, and tablet. The first step is you will have a Smart TV or Blu-Ray Player. 


Step 1: you can download it from your device’s app store if the Amazon Prime Video app isn’t pre-installed on your Smart TV or Blu-ray player.


Step 2: you need to open the app and sign in with your Amazon Prime or Prime Video account. 


Step 3: You can choose movies or TV shows on Amazon prime streaming services. 


Step 4: For the media player you need to pre-install from your streaming media player’s app store. 


Step 5: You can register your streaming media player in two ways, which is you can select a sign-in and start watching, then you can enter your account information directly on your devices. 


Final words 


Amazon grew exponentially from its eBookstore beginnings and the internet boom certainly contributed to its success of Amazon. The company found ways to stay innovative and relevant and Amazon used its internet marketplace to help consumers and third-party retailers buy and sell goods conveniently from the comfort of home. 


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