Injuries reported after armed militias clash at Louisville protest

At least two people appeared to have been hurt in Louisville as gun-toting militia groups descended on the city’s downtown in dueling protests over the death of Breonna Taylor, according to reports.

Shots were reportedly fired around 1 p.m. Saturday with indications it may have been accidental gunfire, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

Two people appeared to have been taken out on stretchers, local reporter Jessie Cohen tweeted.

An armed black militia group calling itself the NFAC, or “Not F**king Around Coalition,” said it would come to Louisville to protest the March killing of Breonna Taylor by police. That prompted far-right militia group the Three Percenters to announce it would have “boots on the ground” in the city, according to the Courier Journal.

Members of the Three Percenters showed up heavily armed with assault rifles, handguns and ammo clips, the newspaper reported. The group had contended it wanted to support police.

Police in riot gear stood between the two groups earlier in the morning, the paper reported.


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