Is it Worth Spending the Money on CLOTHES?

Most of the people are spending lot of money on clothing depends on their budget, Just think your self Is it worth spending money on clothes, are you looking for fashion or designer clothes, if you have fashion on clothes is it good spending money branded dresses?  We can get best fashion clothes for cheaper also, but why we are looking for designer clothes.Saving-Money

when you go for shopping directly on store it is better to start with the basic price and buy the best which is suitable for you, it depends on your favorite color, how it is suits for you and what is your budget, you have to check all these before you start buying, even on online shopping also we have number of online shopping store with different categories depends on our budget and fashion, everyone looking for best choice on clothes, jewelers and accessories.

There are many Brands worldwide, and the clothes what we are wearing also have a brand name, but no one consider these normal brand name as a Branded, The people only consider popular brand name as branded.

Why we spend much money on these branded?

It is simple if your neighbor drive a Alto, and you drive a Mercedes then people would consider you at a higher social status level, simple for status we get by owning  branded clothes. If we have branded items then we feel that we are part of the society, we have to think that everyone is equal in our society, but it is really far from reality. If you own more branded items, you will most likely be treated like a high class person wherever you go.


Is Branded companies take advantage of their high class reputation?

Branded companies know that customers will pay more money to own the branded item. Of course they maintain the Quality products and also made with a lot of care. This is a positive side to owning branded items, everyone trust the brand name.

Some basic Tips to follow to start shopping:

As we discuss above it is better to Start with the basic and buy the Best.

To avoid spend money Get you items tailored you buy a designer or branded Items, if the clothes do not fit your body properly, same time you spend some amount on clothes only to look subpar. If your weight fluctuates up or down, again we go for alternations. For the perfect fit it is better to get tailored.

Go for online It saves your Time and Money Most of the people like to shop online .Why? If we find a Dress or any product which is our favorite in a Shop, here it is a good possibility that we discover the best deals online, just we make note of the model and brand name we can find it easy online for best price.

It is better to compare prices online on best sites We can find our product very easy online, but it is better to check where we can get the same product for better price.

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  • 26/10/2013 at 5:10 am

    Good and nice post. In earlier days many people wasting their precious money and time on shopping. Now a days many websites are launching Clothes on Online shopping. so customers are save their money and time also. I strongly recommended Online shopping is best


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