Is there a Pixel 7 coming out?

Is there a Pixel 7 coming out?

The Google Pixel has been the company’s flagship phone for almost four years. It’s a great phone, with a lot of power and some of the best cameras around. But people are always asking: “When are the new Pixels coming out?” The answer is complicated! We’ll look at when Google tends to release phones, how much you can get refurbished ones for now, what naming scheme it uses and what rumors say about future versions of this line.

Google tends to release phones in October.

Google tends to release phones in October. The company has released its Pixel phones in that month for the past few years and it’s likely that this trend will continue with the next generation of devices.

October is a good time to release phones because it’s not too hot or too cold and because it’s not too busy (not many other big events are happening). This means that people will be able to enjoy their new phone without having to worry about the weather or competing products.

You can buy refurbs for a lot less money.

If you’re in the market for a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, there’s no need to buy a new one. Refurbs are refurbished phones that have been opened and tested. If you purchase from Google, they will also come with a 1-year warranty. Refurbs are a great way to get a good phone for less money; the only drawback is that you can’t customize the device or order it online through Google.

Buying refurbished may not be ideal if you’re looking for something new or if you want some of the benefits of buying direct from Google (like special offers). However, if none of those things matter to you and all that matters is getting your hands on an excellent device at an affordable price point then refurbs are definitely worth considering!

Google usually follows the same naming scheme for phones.

Google usually follows the same naming scheme for phones. So, if you’re wondering if there will be a Pixel 7, it’s likely that Google will name it something along the lines of “Pixel 3a” or “Pixel 4.”

The pattern is simple: Take the first number and make it plural; add on -l to make it an adjective; then take the second digit and make it an adjective with no change at all. So we were able to guess that there’d eventually be a Galaxy S9 Plus because “S9 Plus” sounds like how Google would describe an improved version of its own flagship phone series: “Galaxy X+.”

The Pixel 3a looks like it will be the best value in phone cameras.

The Pixel 3a’s camera is likely to be its most compelling feature. It has a single rear lens, compared with the three on the 5X and 6P and two on the new Pixel 3 AI-powered model. But it’s doing some magic behind the scenes to generate results that are comparable or better than Google’s pricier competitors, like Samsung Galaxy S10e, Apple iPhone XR and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The Pixel 3a looks like it will be the best value in phone cameras as it has been priced at $399 (Rs 31,999) for 64GB storage variant and $479 (Rs 33,999) for 128GB version in India. The other flagship smartphones are either double or triple this price range though they all have dual rear cameras except for one – OnePlus 7 Pro which costs Rs 44,999 for 256 GB variant but comes with just one 48 MP sensor on its main camera instead of two 16MP sensors used by other flagships

The Pixel 5 could be good news for people who want a top camera without paying top dollar.

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL are the best phones with a $400-$500 price tag, with the Pixel 4 and 4x coming in close behind. They have great cameras, fast performance, and fun software features like Google Duplex that make them appealing to anyone looking for an affordable flagship device. But if you want something even cheaper than those options — say around $300 — there aren’t many choices. The OnePlus 7 Pro comes close at its current price of $399, but it lacks wireless charging and its display doesn’t look as good as the Samsung Galaxy S10e or Motorola Razr V3 Max (both $250).

The Pixel 7 could fill this gap by offering a strong camera experience at a much lower cost than its competitors’. It may not be as exciting as some other flagships on sale right now (like Samsung’s folding phone or Apple’s iPhone 11R), but it could still be worth considering if you’re looking for a great value in an Android phone

If you can wait a few months, there should be new Pixels on the way!

If you can wait a few months, there will likely be new Pixels on the way. Google usually releases its new phones in October and then again in February (or March). If you’re looking for a Pixel phone now, we recommend checking out Refurbished store. They sell refurbs (like-new devices) at up to half the cost of buying brand new.

The Pixel 3a looks like it will be the best value in phone cameras when it comes out this spring! It’ll also have 5G connectivity if that’s something your interested in.


We’re all wondering what Google will do with the Pixel 7, and there are definitely some rumors that suggest it’s coming. But if you can wait a few months, there should be new Pixels on the way!


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