Jewelry as a Fashion Accessory for Men

Gone are the days when fashion was a domain focused on Women. It has become a trend in the men’s fashion world to sport jewelry. Not just rappers, men have become a bit more comfortable wearing them. The modern man can look absolutely stylish even while wearing bracelets, chains and not to forget, the finger rings, as long as he can carry them with panache, without much exaggeration. These days, men too have become fashion conscious and competing on a global platform and making their voices heard. Many international fashion designers are creating exclusive designer wear for men. Apart from the regular fashion outfit, many designers are innovating in the fashion accessories. With fashion evolving globally, many new stunning designs are easily available, in any part of the world. Fashion accessories compliment the outfit in a good way. Branded fashion accessories like jackets, wallets, shoes have become a status symbol. Fashion accessories are broadly classified in 2 sections – One that can be carried and other one that can be worn. Wallets, umbrella, handbags fall under the first category while jackets, boots, shoes, ties, belts, jewelry, scarves fall under the second category of fashion accessory. Contact lenses too are seen as a fashion accessory as it is inserted in the eye.


Jewelry is also a fashion accessory. It was widely used by kings in history. Kings were seen wearing heavy, stone studded jewelry. Of course, they were widely used to compliment the sophisticated outfit that they were wearing. Sporting jewelry as a part of the outfit has become a statement for the metro sexual men. The celebrities too have started endorsing the new style. For those men, who want to start wearing them, the honest advice here is to get started with lighter pieces that you can flaunt with your regular wear.  Some of the jewelry that you can use is the bracelets, studs placed on the ears, golden chains, finger rings, designer watches, cufflinks made from previous jewels like gold, silver, platinum and also using emerald, diamond, and ruby on the cufflinks. These fashion accessories are easily available in most of the outlets, jewelry stores and even in the online stores. They signify the elegance of the accessory, without overdoing fashion.

Men are fast catching up with the latest trends abroad. Typically, men are comfortable wearing bracelets, chains around their neck and finger rings. Most of them are made from gold. However, few men today are experimenting with designer and also made true to their size jewelry. The jewelry for men is available in stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Leather, carbon fibers are the other materials being used by designers to craft the fashion accessory. Cufflinks made from jewelry is finding a sweet spot in the men’s fashion wardrobe. It isn’t uncommon to see executives wearing the special cufflinks for important events. Men in the age group of 18-35 years have welcomed wearing bracelets for regular occasions. It is also seen as a deal gifting option during the wedding season. In fact, in most of the Indian homes, as a tradition, bracelets are given as a first gift to the bridegroom. The men’s bracelets made from silver are slightly rough and thicker when compared with the women’s bracelet. The rings made from gold and studded with precious jewels like diamond, ruby and emerald are exchanged during the engagement. Jewels have become an integral part of watches. To match the individual tastes, watches with jewels are customized, to a large extent. The best thing about the using watches as a fashion accessory is, they look quite appropriate for any occasion. Go ahead; start using jewels as a part of your wardrobe essentials today.

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