Jordan York Officially Joins The Allegheny County Family: Always Inspiring

For those of you following my story, I know that you have always appreciated the saying that: the longest and greatest journey always begin with the smallest of steps.

Well, my journey to help the everyday men and women of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania has long been on public record. And the great news? My stride along the way has just gotten ever bigger and ever bolder as I am now part of the Allegheny County Parks family – a family that is committed to the community spirit of shared common ground, environmental welfare, education and beauty, coupled with family downtime and relaxation.

As one of the most population dense counties in Pennsylvania, Allegheny is a great place for me to take my love and commitment to the people of the area to the very next level.

These are exciting times as I can contribute to keeping the great state of Pennsylvania just as beautiful as it should be. Green issues have always been close to my heart and therefore I am honored to take on this new role and offer my services to both the environment and the people.
I am humbled for you to share an interest in my journey and I offer a solemn promise that I will continue to do my utmost to helping the community.

I have also been privileged to recently meet inspirational political figures who are equally committed to the people of Pennsylvania. A huge shout out to US Representative Conor Lamb, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and state Senator Jay Costa, all of whom have taken the time out to share their story with me. I am obliged to them and hope to further emulate their great work.

These are turbulent political times for the people of both Pennsylvania and the United States. We need to ensure that the home truths of fairness, compassion and looking after one another, as well as the environment, continue to ring true. These are of course non-negotiable issues.

In my new role with Allegheny County Parks, I can continue to work to ensure that those non-negotiable issues, driven by my love of both Pennsylvania and its people, continue to be at forefront of the political conversation.
Stay tuned friends – more to come!

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