Kanye West rejected from Wisconsin ballot over late registration

Kanye West’s bid to appear on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot has fallen short.

The state’s Elections Commission reportedly ruled Thursday the rapper failed to file by the Aug. 4 deadline of 5 p.m.

The six-member bipartisan ruling body rejected an argument by West’s lawyer, Michael Curran, that West actually had until a second before 5:01 p.m. to file, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“I regret it’s the case,”Commissioner Dean Knudson, a former GOP state lawmaker said at the hearing. “I do not feel they filed timely.”

Despite the additional time argument by West’s lawyer, Michael Curran, he admitted it was unclear exactly when his client’s nomination papers were handed in.

Ironically, West’s breakout 2005 album was titled “Late Registration.”

The challenge against West, an independent candidate running under the “Birthday Party,” was lodged by Wisconsin’s Democratic Party.

Jeffrey Mandell, an attorney for the state Democratic Party, said news video and other witnesses from Aug. 4 proved West’s team filed late.

“The papers were late,” Mandell said. “Under Wisconsin law, they cannot be allowed.”

The billionaire sneaker mogul, who launched his campaign on July 4, was also booted from the Illinois presidential ballot, and he dropped his New Jersey bid after a legal challenge.


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