Kayleigh McEnany shares how Trump, Ivanka supported her through health ordeal during RNC

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany detailed how President Trump supported her through a health ordeal — and continues to stand by her as a working mother — in remarks aired Wednesday at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

“During one of my most difficult times, I expected to have the support of my family, but I had more support than I knew,” McEnany said.

“The same way President Trump has supported me, he supports you.”

McEnany, 32, spoke about struggling to decide what to do when she learned she had tested positive for the BRCA 2 genetic mutation at age 21. It ultimately prompted her to get a preventative double mastectomy in 2018, in an effort to eliminate her chances of breast cancer.

“I was scared. The night before, I fought back tears, as I prepared to lose a piece of myself,” McEnany said.

As she came out of anesthesia, McEnany said one of the first calls she received was from First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Days later, as she was recovering, the president called to check on her — even though she didn’t personally know him at the time.

“I was blown away,” McEnany said. “Here was the leader of the free world caring about me.

“The same way President Trump has supported me, he supports you.”

A lifelong Republican, who grew up near Tampa, Fla., McEnany was named White House press secretary in April, following a stint as the president’s reelection campaign’s spokeswoman.

She has a 9-month-old daughter, Blake, with husband, Sean Gilmartin, a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team.

“I choose to work for this president for her,” McEnany said, adding: “I want my daughter to grow up in President Donald Trump’s America.

“I know him well now and I can tell you that this President loves the American people, stands by Americans with preexisting conditions, and supports working moms.”

A graduate of Georgetown University, McEnany launched her career as a political commentator on TV, even booking slots on shows such as “The View” while she attended Harvard Law School.

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, she appeared as a pro-Trump voice on CNN panels. She then worked as a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

McEnany has previously written about her pre-existing health condition in an op-ed for Fox News.

“Choosing to have a preventative mastectomy was the hardest decision I have made,” she said Wednesday night, “but supporting President Trump, who will protect my daughter & our children’s future, was the easiest.”


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