Lamborghini has pulled the wraps off the Aventador-based Veneno road-going car

Lamborghini has noted its 50th day at the Hollands locomote impart with the Lamborghini Veneno, a 740bhp road-going car supported on the Aventador.

 The Veneno is a creation actuality, but Lamborghini has said that all ternion units it will tidy hold already oversubscribed for €3 million apiece advantageous taxes (£3.12 cardinal). The City forge is a Lamborghini epitome that it instrument hold to prove on way and rail.

The fundamental figure is supported on the Aventador, but there are several key changes to create what Lamborghini calls a “street-legal racing car”.

Its embody, like the monocoque chassis, is fashioned whole from carbonfibre-reinforced polymer. The bodywork is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency, creating downforce, reducing draw and cooling the 6.5-litre V12, which has had a 50bhp elevate from its 690bhp refer of tune in the Aventador.

The forward end entireness as one significant aerodynamic wing. The lie wings are distributed from the body, as on sports epitome racers.

The car’s venter is simple and channels air into a giant diffuser, which houses foursome nonsegregated empty wind. Another features countenance an adjustable parent locomote. The increasing machine arches house 20-inch mixture wheels at the confront and 21-inch alloys at the face.

The carbonfibre tub and metal subframes from the Aventador are carried over to the Veneno but modified for its more intense execution.

The engine benefits from enlarged air intakes, a higher rev decrease and an system group with a minify endorse push. The seven-speed automatic exercise shell, all-wheel get system and pushrod abatement are also modified from the Aventador.


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