Latest Interior Design Trends for 2019

2019 is fast approaching, and it’s high time that we should be aware of the latest interior design trends which will make a statement next year. As the construction and interior designing business with modern design and styling have increased the completion of London, it’s better to develop a strategy for your company before entering New Year.

LJ Interiors is a London based design and Styling studio specializing in interior design, CGI projects, and most recently, Airbnb Bundles We are delivering meticulously interior styling at affordable process. Our high-end design services encompass complete and long-term solutions for our client’s homes, offering singular and distinctive designs. Let’s scroll down to follow the latest tips!

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns will be the pattern to use in 2019 for living room design and Styling in London at large. The floral pattern brings liveliness to the room. Multicolour floral patterns are the symbol of freshness and liveliness.

Interior design and styling in London is done in royal style. The ultra-modern look is the latest design for ceilings. A perfect ceiling can make a room look bigger brighter and best of all, more memorable than any common accent wall could. If you are thinking of remodelling then would be a perfect ceiling design.

New Metallics

Interior design London is always a trendsetter in home styling. This year, instead of rose and yellow gold, more industrial shades of metal are expected to become the prominent choice. From brass to nickel, less high shine materials will add a more organic element to your space.


Yes, there are new neutrals, but bold pigments are still set to be trending this year. The interior designing firms predict an abundance of burnt orange and greens – including forest and cactus green as well as peacock blue. A greater impact of these colors will be seen next year.

Earthy Neutrals

The natural colors like green and grey are going to be more prominent than using the shades of white for a sober look. The green plants will help in spreading good vibes in the room Soft mustard and olive shade is also going to be in high demand for interior designing and styling in 2019.


Terrazzo is back in 2019 with greater modifications. The colorful floor tiles add an incredible edge to any room and if you can’t stretch to the painfully beautiful marble Terrazzo tiles expect lots of more affordable options in the coming months as designers open their arms to the composite stone once again.

Pattern Plants

The indoor plants were used extensively in interior designing in 2018, and the trend will continue. This year, however, they’ll be patterned. According to Pinterest searches for “pattern plants” is up 533 per cent. With vibrant designs and colors, they may prove to be the easiest way to decorate your room with a new lease of life.


According to LJ interior designing team, the use of leather and velvet was extended in 2018 which is going to stay for a more extended period now. Velvet is best fabric for soft furnishing and velvet furnishings provide a luxurious and elegant look. The leather is becoming the new furniture trend even for the bedrooms and living areas. This is again a classic choice.

Clean Lines

As minimalism continues to grow in popularity, the need for clean lines and creating a feeling of space and openness grows too. The trend is about stripping back and ensuring that the flow alongside the visual impact of the area is just right. This is a lavish style often used in big houses or long halls. Even in modular kitchens, this design is becoming famous as with clean line design; space looks more significant than the room size.

Line Art

The free-flowing illustrations inspire one of the hottest interior design services in London. In the past, we have experienced a figurative boom with abstract facial components making waves across interiors. The latest ‘line drawings’ at an all-time high, the delicate style of art saw a paradigm shift in modern homes. From vases with faces to pretty plates, patterned glassware and illustrated cushions and rugs, figurative art has become the contemporary tradition in London homes.

Foxed Mirrors

The large sized mirrors are a new addition in the coming year. They can be in foxed, matted and antique style.. The faded patches and reflections have a fantasy look and the stylish mirrors enhance the beauty of the room.

In the year 2019, the designing and styling trends will be less decorative and more contemporary with fine finishing’s. The green environment is the theme for the next millennium and home styling is going to be deeply inspired by this. If you are in London and looking for interior designers, who can perfectly decorate your home, contact, LJ Interiors!


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