Looking Into The Many Benefits Of Hemp Protein

Hemp. Once upon a time, whenever hemp was mentioned we mostly thought of its psychedelic associations in hashish. It was either that or macramé bracelets and baskets. Little did many of us know that lurking within those fibres was a super food? Have you ever heard of protein from hemp? What about hemp oil? Hemp is definitely making its rounds in the health industry as the nutritional supplement du jour. There are mentions of it being a cure against all sorts of diseases, from arthritis to cancer. It’s really no wonder that many people are getting excited about it.pro

As it turns out, hemp is chock-full of the properties needed to build and maintain lean muscle, which is why hemp protein is being marketed as a meat-free and dairy-free all-natural source of amino acids and fatty acids. And this is, after all, the fibrous goodness it already offers.

Hemp is touted to be the plant with the most complete supply of edible and usable proteins, beating soy, the preferred plant-based protein source all these years. It is even said to be a better protein source than the dairy-based whey. The vegans are naturally ecstatic.

Hemp protein is also fast becoming the bodybuilding supplement of choice. Dairy-free and organic, it is cold pressed and free of the usual processing chemicals like hexane-a. Those with sensitivities will be glad to note that hemp powder does not contain GMOs, gluten, fish, meat, dairy, and artificial sweeteners. This is definitely an edge hemp products have over those of soy and whey supplements that are often chemically sweetened and flavoured.

Tasting pleasantly like nuts, hemp is a good addition to use for skim milk or vegan milk like soy or almond. Hemp is 90% insoluble fibre and 10% soluble fibre; it promotes efficient digestion without the bloating or stomach upsets frequently associated with meat and dairy sourced proteins. Thanks to this high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and mineral-rich combo, users are able to enjoy muscle growth and a strengthened immune system.

As mentioned previously, hemp also has the essential fatty acids. The good Omegas (3, 6, and 9 — usually associated with the likes of fish and olive oil) find themselves in an ideal balance in hemp. As it turns out, hemp is also great for brain function and blood pressure.

With this powerful balance of fibre, proteins, and fatty acids, it’s no big surprise that many health-conscious individuals, many athletes included, have cottoned to the natural wonder that is hemp.

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Chelsea Sawyer is a nurse and a certified health coach who has been helping many people in changing their behaviors to keep them focused on achieving their health and fitness goals. She also frequently visits http://www.hempstore.com.au/ to learn more about the health benefits of using hemp.


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