Magento Sellers, Look for These Must-Have Returns Software Features

Online sellers, did you know easy returns can help build your customer base? Research shows again and again that hassle-free returns improve several key performance indicators of ecommerce businesses.

The simplest way to add easy returns to your Magento store is with a Magento returns software solution. There are many on the market, but only a select few will truly boost your business.

Here’s what to look for while researching.

Ecommerce Returns Statistics

Ecommerce returns are part of running an online store. Recent statistics on returns find that customers don’t get to touch or test out products before buying, and sometimes things just don’t work out. This is one reason why online shoppers flock to the stores that offer hassle-free returns. Easy returns give them confidence to buy because they know they can simply initiate a return with no questions asked. Here’s what you need to know about ecommerce returns:

  • Roughly one in three online purchases are returned.
  • 63% of consumers read a store’s returns policy before making a purchase.
  • 81% of shoppers want free, convenient returns.
  • Free returns can boost sales by 357%.
  • 65% of returns are the e-tailer’s fault.
  • Zappos has improved customer retention by 75% by implementing hassle-free returns.

The statistics are telling—online shoppers will go where the returns are easy.

How to Create a Returns Policy that Works

It is easy to understand why Magento sellers want to avoid the pitfalls of ecommerce returns. There are short-term losses to recuperate, and returned products affect inventory. However, implementing hassle-free returns is a strategy for long term gain. Do it right, and you’ll reap the rewards.

  • Communicate Your Policy: Shoppers will seek it out anyway, so ensure the terms are clear from the beginning.
  • Make it Convenient: Online shopping is popular because it’s convenient. Continue that seamless experience by requiring as few steps as possible.
  • Absorb the Costs: The price of return shipping and restocking is miniscule compared to the business you’ll lose by charging for either.
  • Be Flexible: Allow at least 30 days to return products. Your store’s leniency will result in increased customer loyalty and long term retention.

Easy to Use

Ease of use is important both for you and for your customers. On the seller’s side, there’s no use spending the time and money on a new software if it’s not going to fit into your existing workflows. For customers, a confusing returns software will discourage returns. They’ll be left frustrated and unwilling to shop at your online store again in the future. Particularly vocal unhappy customers will take to social media and spread the word to avoid your business.

Instead, look for a Magento returns software that’s intuitive and feels already familiar to shoppers. If returns are a breeze, they’ll be more confident in their purchases and be a customer for longer.

Additional Features

As you can see, there are several benefits of having hassle-free returns at your online store. It’s wise to use a returns software to simplify this part of your ecommerce business, but it can also be frustrating to add yet another system to your operations. This is why you need a Magento returns software with additional features, like ReadyCloud’s popular system magento returns system that’s been lauded by critics and reviewers.

Shipping is a natural feature to pair with returns. Optimize your shipping with automatic order imports, low shipping rates and single dashboard order management. That way, you get immediate visibility into every order that’s being processed or is in transit.

The information you can glean from Magento shipping and returns can tell you volumes about your customers. You’ll see where your customers are located, how often they like to shop and so much more. This data is usually tracked in a CRM (customer relationship management) system. Some returns software solutions automatically save customer information to a native CRM, so as a user, you can do more with less.

Cost Per User

The early days of an ecommerce business are typically marked by a small team (or team of one) juggling multiple responsibilities to keep employee costs down. However, as the business scales, the team grows. Magento sellers on the lookout for any type of software have to consider the cost of each license, or cost per user. Those monthly fees per person add up quickly. Look for a low cost Magento returns software, but don’t compromise on quality.

Returns Software Reliability

There is no use investing in a software that you’re rarely or never going to use, but it’s just as much of a waste investing in a software that’s unreliable. When choosing a Magento returns software, read plenty of online reviews to ensure that past and current customers have had positive experiences. Also look into the provider’s history—has the company been around for multiple years? Does it have an up-to-date social media presence? There are plenty of clues that will showcase how stable the company is, which reflects on the product’s quality as well.

Ecommerce returns can be complicated, but software makes it easier. Be sure to conduct thorough research before choosing a Magento returns software provider, and you’ll see the difference it makes.


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