Married math teacher ‘who had oral sex with her teen girl student’ is tossed back in jail for trying to contact the girl

Lisa DeFluri, a Springfield Oregon teacher accused of the sex abuse of a female student, has been tossed back in jail after she attempted to contact the alleged victim, KEZI reports.

Oregon authorities arrested Lisa DeFluri the first time in December on suspicion that she was having sex with one of her students.

A former teacher at Thurston High School, Lisa DeFluri was charged with 10 counts of second-degree sexual abuse.

The alleged victim is younger than 18 years old.

According to authorities, the victim in the case is under the age of 18, and the crimes reportedly spanned from July to December of 2020.


According to the charges against the teacher, Lisa DeFluri sexually preyed upon the girl for all of the second half of 2020.

Her shocking alleged campaign of sexual predation only came crashing down when she was finally arrested. 

Knewz reports that after her first arrest, she was thrown into the Lane County jail.

Lisa DeFluri was not just a teacher, she was also the Thurston High School girls varsity basketball coach before her alleged sex crimes forced her out of her position.

She is also listed as an English teacher for the 10th grade on the school’s website.

Married female teacher and coach, 31, jailed on suspicion of ‘repeated sex abuse’ at her high school

Thurston High School also had Lisa DeFluri teaching math before she was arrested for sex crimes.

Immediately after she was charged with sexually molesting a student, Lisa DeFluri was placed on administrative leave from her teaching duties.

Reports indicate that the victim is indeed a student at Thurston High School and played on DeFluri’s basketball team.

The Register-Guard reported in December that DeFluri molested the girl 10 times.

Court documents filed Tuesday allege DeFluri sexually abused a female younger than 18, “having been (the victim’s) coach at any time before the commission of the offense.”

Update: Thurston High School coach facing 10 charges of sex abuse

Oregon officials have accused Lisa DeFluri of violating the boundary between student and teacher by committing oral sex on the girl and touching her sexually.

Because the girl was younger than 18, none of these alleged actions are considered consensual in the eyes of Oregon law.  

Officials at Lisa DeFluri’s school learned about her alleged sexual abuse of the girl in early December and immidately reported the teacher to the police.

The Oregonian reported in December that the school district launched its own investigation of the case.

Springfield police notified the district of the arrest on Monday, she said. District officials notified Thurston High families of DeFluri’s leave last week and also notified them of the Monday’s arrest.

Oregon high school basketball coach arrested on suspicion of sex abuse; she faces 3 charges


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