Massage for People With Dementia – Learning Under Seasoned Expert Nicolle Mitchell

In the eye of the public, massage has evolved from being a way to relax and indulge one’s self into a viable means to treat a host of conditions — reverting to its true value as a healing art. In this regard, training providers are offering numerous courses ranging from pregnancy massage courses to the different types of deep tissue massage course London natives can choose from. Such courses are popular among individuals who want to supplement their current income or change their careers.

However, there are other courses that are suitable for individuals who want to provide greater care for their family members suffering from a particular disease or condition. One such course is Massaging People with Dementia.

Massage is classified under complementary and alternative medicine. This means that along with conventional treatment methods, additional methods may be used to enhance the former and bring other benefits. In the context of massaging for people with dementia, the idea behind this is not centred on bodywork or physical issues. Rather, massage is used to give comfort to elderly patients suffering from dementia and improve the quality of their lives.

If you intend to study this course, perhaps as a way to upgrade your skills and provide better service to your clients in an assisted-living facility or perhaps to care for your parent, there are several things that you have to consider.

Chief of these considerations is the training provider. You’d want to go for one that has the expertise and experience in teaching students the rudiments and other fine details of massaging. Apart from the courses offered, look at the facility of the training provider and check whether it is conducive for learning. It also helps if the training centre offers courses after work hours and is accessible via various modes of transport. This is particularly important if you are currently employed.

Finally, a reputable training provider boasts of a stellar roster of instructors who have depth of knowledge and experience. One such respected instructor is Nicolle Mitchell, a seasoned veteran in providing therapeutic care to people and one of the recognised experts in helping people with dementia. She is the one who developed the Massaging People with Dementia course.

Apart from her actual work with patients, Nicolle is also an experienced teacher, having worked with carers and relatives of people with dementia and instructing them on different issues they may encounter in working with people dealing with this condition.

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