Matthew C. Martino’s private jet held at Stansted Airport

Gone are the days that celebrities get priority treatment at airports …


Lets Fly author & Film Producer Matthew C Martino was left fuming according to onlookers as a Learjet 35A private jet he had chartered was held at Stansted Airport for an hour by security after concerns of ‘party materials’ being on-board the aircraft as Martino and pals where allegedly planning a party in the skies enroute to Glasgow. This flight was on the 28th of February.

Martino was set to spend the day in the Scottish city but his plans were delayed as airport security and the police rummaged through the plane whilst Martino and entourage were held in Harrods Aviation’s VIP lounge.

The plane was chartered through NetJets Europe and they were unreachable for comment on the matter. The 21year old is also expected to visit Toronto later this year on film production duties and he might consider chartering a jet there.

A source at the airport told us ‘Matthew and his friends had arrived at Harrods VIP lounge when they were told their plan wouldn’t be leaving until inspections took place, Security personnel from Matthew’s camp had earlier loaded the plane with alcohol, balloons, party dress attires and what seemed to be speakers and Airport Security where alerted’

The plane later took off from Stansted and its unknown if anything of interest had been found by police and security.



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