Minnesota officials release bodycam video of raid on home of man killed by cops

Authorities in Minnesota have released police bodycam footage of a raid on the home of a man after he was shot dead by officers last week, amid outcry that the cops were too aggressive as they carried out their search warrant.

The video, released Saturday by the Hennepin County sheriff, shows the officers engaged in the “knock and announce” search warrant at the home of Dolal Idd, 23, just hours after he was shot and killed in a confrontation with cops Wednesday.

The footage shows cops arriving at Idd’s home around 2 a.m. Thursday, banging on the door with weapons drawn, yelling, “Police! Search warrant! Let me see your hands!”

Once inside, police round up more than a half-dozen people, including children, women and a man with his shirt off, the video shows.

“We have kids upstairs, we have children,” one woman is heard telling the cops. “We have a daughter downstairs, a 19-year-old daughter.”

Another woman asks, “Are you guys able to tell us anything of what’s going on.”

One of the cops replies that an officer will explain everything.

Police raid on Dolal Idd's home
Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

“He’ll come and talk to you in a second,” he says when the woman becomes agitated.

The search came in the wake of Idd’s shooting death at a Minneapolis gas station around 5 p.m. Wednesday — after police said he fired at officers first.

Bodycam video of that incident shows Idd trying to drive away from police. He is cornered by three patrol vehicles and seen holding an object that appears to be a gun when police open fire.

Police said a gun was later recovered at the scene.

But the subsequent raid of the home after Idd, who was Somali, was shot, raised concerns among some community activists and elected officials.

“I don’t see any respect for the family,” Minnesota state lawmaker Hodan Hassan told the non-profit news site Sahan Journal. “I don’t see cultural sensitivity. And I don’t see compassion.”

However, the sheriff’s office said it released footage of the police raid to show that the officers behaved properly and humanely.

“Based on his viewing of the video, the sheriff praised his deputies for their professionalism and says they acted appropriately, respectfully, and followed HCSO procedure for high-risk warrants,” the office said in a release.

Police did not recover any weapons in the home but said there had been probable cause to believe there might be firearms at the house.

Idd’s shooting was the first police-involved death in Minneapolis since the police-custody death of George Floyd on May 25.


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