Missing sailors rescued after searchers spot their ‘SOS’ sign in sand

These three castaways made it off the island.

A trio of lost sailors were rescued after three days on a small Pacific island Sunday when airborne search crews spotted their “SOS” sign in the sand.

The men were found on Pikelot Island — an uninhabited Micronesia archipelago that is 118 miles away from their intended destination, authorities said.

The SOS sign — an internationally recognized distress signal that originates from Morse code — was spotted by Australian and US rescuers.

The sailors had departed the Federated States of Micronesia island Pulawat atoll last Thursday, intending to sail 27 miles to Pulap atoll.

But they got lost and ran out of fuel, ending up on Pikelot Island.

They were said to be in good condition when located and received a shipment of food of water before getting picked up by a Micronesian patrol vessel.

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