Mobile Tracking – Making Parent’s Lives Easier

The squeaky smartphones are the tech of the day. Either it’s a kid or a senior citizen; all are found using the smartphones. This cheeky savvy device has made the lives easier as well as hard; hard in a sense of the parenting. Parents have to be more vigilant than ever before since their children began to use the smartphones.

Parenting Today:

Phone Tracking App
Phone Tracking App

Parenting of today needs a distinct intake for fruitful outcomes. As 87% kids of the world use the smartphones and the word of pondering is that the kids aging between 3 – 5 years are able to use the multimedia, camera, play games, proximity, gyro and can make a call over the smartphones which enables the parents to turn on their ultra – parenting mode.

The distinctive intake of parenting is the education of digital world, digital devices and ways to monitor their kids. It doesn’t mean that they need to get to a college or a university to get some formal education; it’s the web that allows them to look into these specifications.

Precisely parents are supposed to be digitalized in order to take care of their children’s smartphones usage. It doesn’t require physically checking the smartphone of children or watch them every now and then. Certainly, this would end up with some harsh annoyance, rebellion, and fear.

Smartphone Targeting:

Unfortunately, this savvy handy device, the smartphone, is the target of a number of hackers around the world. A cyber – police analysis shows that there are nearly 200 million different malware in use around the globe and these are meant to fetch the detail of a person.

Prescribing it a proper form would come up with “Identity theft”. The identity theft is used for a number of reasons, and the most blasphemous aspect of this theft is that the major victims are the kids and teens whose smartphones are hacked because of their ignorance about the happenings.

The Right Knowledge:

To make children safe from the heinous activities like the cyberstalking, sexting, cyber bullying and the crimes like home invasions, parents follow a number of pretentious techniques, but they merely belong to the brighter aspect of parenting.

When it is concerned about the technology, it should be tackled with the help of technology. Tech has developed so much that the developers have created the apps that are meant for parental control and vigilance.

They had the view of the ongoing cultures in the societies and had a horrible forecast of the imminent lives. In that view, they worked out a household solution for the parents.

The spyware is that solution, which is purely meant for the family orientation and safeguard. They are entitled and provided those features that help the parents to learn about their children smartphone usage without even touching their phone.

The Spy Apps:

Spy apps are a vast segment of the software and application development. They serve almost all the departments operating in this world. Apart from the household and parenting aspects, they even help in business and employment matters.

Well, spy apps enable the parents to keep in touch with their children. One of the last reviewed apps, “TheOneSpy” holds the following features:

  • Call tracking and recording; this enables the parents to learn about each and every call their children receive or dial
  • Message tracking; this enables the parents to read the SMS, threads, instant messages and learn about the recipient and receiver
  • Location tracking via GPS; this enables the parents to learn about the position of their children without even asking them
  • Social Media Surveillance; though parents are enlisted in the friends’ list of their children but this feature of this app enables the parents to use the account of their children as admin and learn about all the happening activities
  • Data tracking; parents can view, copy, move or delete any type of data that their children have on their smartphones

Apart from these, there are a number of other features which are a great help for the parents in monitoring, invigilating and tracking their children’s smartphone usage.

Worriless Lives:

The users of the spy apps can narrate that how much is their life made worry free by the spy apps. The app has helped them in bringing the real peace and calm at their home.


Aline Carrara is blogger and writer on TheOneSpy blog. She is a passionate Technology geek and digital parenting writer. She is strong member of Stop Cyberbullying campaign. To know more about follow her on twitter @alinecarrara7


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