Nail Care Tips and Tricks for Different Nail Types

Keeping healthy and stronger nails is easier than you think once you know the type of nail you have and treat it accordingly. Knowing what type of nails you are dealing with will make it more convenient for you to get the kind of flourishing and lovely nails you like.

1. Soft Fingernails


They grow lazily and seldom grow longer than the fingertip. They are suppler and bend easy with a slight touch. Here are some of the tips you have to follow to protect and help fortify you soft nails:

You must always wear gloves when you are doing house hold chores to avoid nail hydration.

Be careful of exposing your nails to harsh chemicals or detergents for longer period of time.

2. Weak and Brittle Fingernails

You must try pressing the side of your fingernails altogether. Do you see them curve? If you can’t, you likely have weak and frail fingernails. Fragile nails are immensely dehydrated, which lets them to easily brittle and break.

If you have delicate and weak fingernails, you must avoid nail hardeners since they will likely make your nails even more solid. Apply a quality moisturizer, hand butter, or rich almond oil to renew your dry, frail fingernails. These are the important factors for effectively treating this kind of nail.

In addition, you will want to file your nails into a q square and somewhat oval shape. If the sides are straighter and the top is more rounded, your nails will be better at absorbing shock and therefore less likely to break and chip.

3. Dry and Lifeless Fingernails

You have to run your thumb across your nail. Treating dry dull nails is easy as pie. You just need a good moisturizer to rejuvenate to your nails. Use a Vitamin E capsule and directly rub the powder into your fingernails two to three times a day. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that shields and repairs your nails and skin. To add life to your lifeless nails, you can add OPI nail polish to it to make it look lively and fresh.

4. Damaged Fingernails

These are the result of extreme dehydration. This often turns your nails to split, crack, flake and break. To nurture your nails to become healthy, you must apply quality base coat, and be sure you dot the more crumbling or peeling spots. Apply a superior top coat to boost your nail strength and lessen the dehydration. Use cuticle oil on a daily basis so that new cells can easily push through your nail bed to attain strong, healthy, lovelier and softer nails.

5. Natural, Healthy Fingernails

If you do have healthy, glossy, pink nails, you must keep them in shape and try maintaining by applying quality hand cream every day. Avoid exposing your hands and nails to harmful detergents and hot water since they can easily break your nails.


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