Naked man blocking traffic gets knocked out by fed-up driver

This guy puts the “bare” in bare-knuckle brawl.

A naked man blocking a busy street in Russia got shown who’s boss by a fed-up driver — who hopped out of his car and knocked him out with a single punch, jaw-dropping footage shows.

The bare-bottomed buffoon is first shown strutting down the middle of the road, stunning onlookers and forcing cars to swerve around him, according to footage from Jam Press.

He then stands with his arms crossed directly in front of a white sedan, refusing to let it pass, prompting a hulking man to exit the ride.

After a quick conversation, driver goes full “Raging Bull” — socking the the naked man in the face so hard, he falls to the ground as passers-by laugh.

The footage, which was uploaded to Twitter earlier this month, has since gone viral, raking in more than 850,000 views. The man’s name and the location of the incident weren’t immediately clear.


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