Need help in getting holiday spirit? Try out these makeup trends

Getting into the holiday spirit is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re a modern-day woman that constantly needs to look her best. Celebration events and parties usually come with intense preparations, especially when it comes to makeup. The trends have changed a lot over the years, although some of them are coming back. We now see glitter everywhere, dramatic smoky eyes, dark lips, and intense cheeks. But let’s have a closer look at some of the tendencies we expect to see this year.

Beautifully contoured full eyebrows

No more skinny eyebrows, ladies! This season is all about beautifully contoured, all-natural eyebrows. However, for the face to be framed properly, you are advised to consult a specialist. We know how hard it can be to let them grow, and if you’ve had skinny brows for ages, letting them grow out might pose a challenge. In terms of makeup products, we recommend a basic kit made of a brow pencil, brush, and shadow. However, before contouring it might be a good idea to check some tutorials. Less is more, and a heavy contour can do more harm than good.

Glittery smoky eyes

We haven’t seen glitter on the upper eyelid in a while now. The good news, for the holiday season glitter is a great makeup tip to use if you want stand out wearing nothing but a classic little black dress. Glittery eyeliner is in trend, however, for a classy look it must be paired smart with lipstick. Avoid lipstick in glossy nuances, and go for a matte nude finish. Your face will look glamorous and chic, without the tacky effect we all hate when it comes to glitter.

Matte lips

Matte lipstick is in high demand these days. It look uniform, compact and it compliments beautifully any type of face. If you’re crazy about smoky eyes, choose a nude-like color on the lips to balance the dramatic effect and give the face a nice baby-doll appearance. It’s equally important to contour your facial features. The cheeks, forehead, and jawline need to be toned for the makeup to really have that stylish allure we all admire in Hollywood superstars.

Rosie cheeks

Contouring your cheeks is a must when wearing makeup. However, it’s not as easy as it seems –one wrong move and your face will look bigger, and you certainly don’t want that to happen. For a killer effect, focus on contouring the upper cheeks with a dark blush. Use a brush to blend in moving upwards. Then apply a rosier nuances on the peak of the cheeks. To finish off the contouring, use a shimmery blush to blend in. Your face is now perfectly shaped and ready to party!

Shimmery eyeshadow

Shimmery eye shadow is perfect when you want to have dramatic, bold eyes. Golden hues are the biggest trend of the season. Use the exact same shadow on your under lids; top off with mascara and you’re done. Even though shimmery eye shadow might be a little too striking, applied properly it conveys a luxurious, glamorous makeup that you’ll fall in love with.

Nude all the way

Contrary to popular belief, nude makeup is one of the most difficult types to craft. The trend is growing, and for this holiday season going all-nude with your makeup is a great way to emphasize your beautiful facial features. Light brown eyeshadow, nude beige lipstick, and discreet cheeks is everything you need to feel good and look amazing without any other colors on your face.

We love how every year some makeup rules change. For about 5 years now, women have been focusing on exuding their natural facial beauty. Full-grown eyebrows, natural lips, organic mascara with go-pro minerals and foundations without any parabens, are trends that will stay alive in 2017 as well. What’s fascinating is that women can attend parties and feel 100% confident without wearing too much makeup. Just glitter eyeliner, matte lipstick, and contoured cheeks should do the trick. Let your natural facial features support your beauty, and use basic makeup to get into the holiday spirit. As far as makeup is concerned, once again this season less is more.


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