NY judge rules Mary Trump can promote controversial tell-all about president

A New York judge on Monday lifted a temporarily restraining order against Mary Trump that briefly blocked the president’s niece from promoting her highly controversial tell-all book set to be released Tuesday.

President Trump has said publication of the book would violate a 2001 nondisclosure agreement his niece had signed as part of a dispute over the 1999 will of the president’s father, Fred Trump.

The president’s brother, Robert Trump, agreed with him and had sued to block the memoir’s publication under those grounds. He argued that under the agreement, Mary Trump is blocked from speaking publicly about family members.

In Monday’s court ruling, Judge Hal Greenwald in Poughkeepsie reversed his previous order temporarily blocking Mary Trump and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, from releasing the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Greenwald wrote in his ruling that the confidentiality clauses in the previous agreement, “viewed in the context of the current Trump family circumstances in 2020, would ‘…offend public policy as a prior restraint on protected speech…’”

“Notwithstanding that the Book has been published and distributed in great quantities, to enjoin Mary L. Trump at this juncture would be incorrect and serve no purpose. It would be moot,” the judge wrote.

A New York appeals court judge had already ruled that Simon & Schuster was not bound by the nondisclosure agreement and could publish the book.

Mary Trump’s lawyer, Theodore Boutrous Jr., said the judge “got it right in rejecting the Trump family’s effort to squelch Mary Trump’s core political speech on important issues of public concern.

“The First Amendment forbids prior restraints because they are intolerable infringements on the right to participate in democracy. Tomorrow, the American public will be able to read Mary’s important words for themselves,” he wrote in a statement.

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