NYC buses are scary too — but now they’re free

Every weekday, Brooklyn-based construction worker Tiffany Kello faces a new batch of hurdles traveling to work via bus. But the 40-year-old traffic flagger has a bright spot at the end of her ride.

Every morning, I leave my apartment at 5:45 a.m. to take the Q train from Flatbush to Union Square and then switch to the M14D-SBS bus to the last stop — Chelsea Piers. I have to make sure I’m at the bus stop on time, or I’ll be late for work. It only comes every 20 minutes — or longer. Before quarantine, it was every five minutes. It’s really unreliable. Luckily, there’s no traffic.

When the bus does come, we enter through the back door only. Drivers now have protective shields around them. The good news is, since you can’t get near the front to pay, the ride is free.

It’s usually pretty hard to find a spot to sit, or even stand, because of the homeless people sleeping or having outbursts. It’s not as bad as the subways, but it’s a lot worse than I’ve ever seen it. People are pretty on edge.

Even though the whole ride is very uncomfortable, it’s worth it because I love to brighten people’s day and cheer them on, especially right now.

— As told to Melkorka Licea

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