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Oakley Currency is one of the top optical products among eyewear buyers for several reasons. Just like other eyewear products from the California-based company, the Currency offers several benefits over other reading glasses. These include durability, flexibility and great comfort and fit.


And speaking of comfort and fit, how do you get the right glasses to ensure that they fit snugly and comfortably even when worn for long periods of time? Among the most common problems regarding the fit of eyeglasses frames are crookedness, sliding, pinching, off-centeredness and improper size.

In the animal kingdom, symmetry is seen as a sign of attractiveness. You might not be on the lookout for a new girlfriend or boyfriend, but crooked frames are definitely awkward-looking. One reason for this conundrum is that the temples are not aligned to each other because the wearer’s ears are not of the same level. This can be easily fixed by heating the bridge of the frame to make it more malleable and then bending the frame accordingly until you have rectified the problem.

When your eyeglasses slide off your face, it is not only annoying but may also have dangerous consequences, particularly if you are operating a motor vehicle. This problem occurs for several reasons, including problems with the fit of the nosepad and the stems of the frame not curving snugly behind the wearer’s ears. Sometimes, it is just a case of the frames being too tight that they just forward. The stems can be heated until they are malleable and curved to fit the wearer’s ears. As for the nosepads, using a pair of long nose pliers can do the job.

Pinching frames are not only annoying. They can be downright painful. The culprit behind this problem is that the frame you bought is too small. Sometimes the part of the frame that is positioned behind the ears does not fit the contour of the wearer’s head. One remedy for this is to file the hinge joints of the temple until you get a 120-degree angle when you open them out. In instances when the stems of the frames are too short, you can heat the frame and curve the stems until they fit perfectly.

When you have off-centred lenses or frames that are too big or too small, the problems stems from choosing the wrong frame size. Typically, your eyewear professional should not only measure the pupillary distance but also ask you how you intend to wear the glasses and make appropriate adjustments.


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