Outdoor Lighting: Points to Consider Before Choosing the Right One

We all desire for a beautiful landscape in our backyard and a perfectly designed porch. Also, we want the place lit up with beautiful lighting to spend some quality time at night with our loved ones. For that, you need aesthetically pleasing and practical lighting setups.

Whether it’s inside or outside space, it needs an appropriate lighting setup to ensure that the place can be used at any time of the day. A well-planned lighting setup in your home’s outdoor space can increase its curb appeal.

Lighting experts who have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making your outdoor lighting more appealing. You can also search on the internet for some interesting ideas and suggestions for lighting up your outdoors in an impressive way.

For small changes, you can rely on your judgment, but for big changes and home improvement projects; it advisable to take expert advice. As there are several lighting options available in the market and you can get confused while choosing the right one.

Make sure you have a perfect idea about what you want before approaching and outdoor lighting experts to help you out with the lighting fixtures. It is better to know things about the lighting fixtures beforehand, rather than accepting all the suggestions made by them.

The following are some important points to know before seeking any suggestions from experts:


One can get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing outdoor lightings. It is the first thing that can make or break the deal. Perfect outdoor lighting can highlight your porch area landscape in a manner that you can enjoy it even at night.By overwhelming, we mean that you have to be precise and practical when choosing the right combination.

For that you need to select the outdoor lights with the right size, keeping in mind surrounding illumination.If the chosen lights are not covering the desired area and are only covering a small area than it becomes useless. Likewise, if they are too big then it will simply steal the beauty of your outdoor space by becoming the highlight of the space. Both the situation can ruin your experience.

Even the positioning and height of the lights can affect the final lighting setup of your outdoor space. Thus, it is important to choose the size of all the lighting fixtures carefully. Do some research on the same topic and if you hired an expert have a thorough discussion with them as well. Don’t let take the size of the lighting fixtures lightly.



There are so many outdoor lighting options available in the market which looks attractive and which teases us to buy them. But one should control their inner urges and should to purpose. By purpose, we mean where the lighting will be used and how it will make your life easy. Different lighting fixtures havea unique purpose.

For example, some are used for safety and security purposes to brighten up the area and scare the intruder. Some are just used to highlight the beautiful landscape of your backyard. While some are just placed to show the path in the night. You just can’t use any light anywhere. You have to stick to its purpose.

For example, outdoor lights meant for safety and security can be used in garages or the backyard. Likewise, they can also be used for decorative purposes on the porch, decks, and garden area. Depending on its purpose you can decide the intensity and brightness of light you need. The experts will provide you with general ideas. But as an owner, you know which parts need security and which part doesn’t.

Type of Lighting

There are different types of lighting available both for indoors and outdoor usage. It is upto you which type of lighting you want as your outdoor lighting option. Out of all this option, LED lights and halogen lights are the two main types available. You have to decide which one suits your budget and requirement the best.

LED lights, as well as halogen lights, have their own sets of pros and cons associated with it. Now, you need to select the type based on the purpose of outdoor lighting. Nowadays, people are switching towards LED lights as they draw less power when compared to halogen light; and also they emit negligible heat even after continuous usage.

With LED lights you can customise a lot as they come in different sizes and colours. The halogen lights are best suited in the places you need some sort of heating effect to keep the surrounding warm. They have their unique light which brightens up the place. You can think of an outdoor lighting plan with a combination of both these lights.


Outdoor lighting fixtures have to go through harsh weather conditions. Thus, you need to be careful while selecting them. Those fixtures which look amazing in aesthetics but can’t withstand the all-weather condition are useless.Lighting fixtures are available in different kinds each serving a specific purpose.

Some lighting options are built to last such as lamp posts, security lighting, and path lighting. And there are few options such as decorative outdoor light like LED strips for highlighting a statue or fountain which looks attractive but their lifespan is less. Depending on your need, you have to take the decision on choosing the right lighting fixture.

Final Thoughts:

The above-mentioned points will give you an edge while finalizing the outdoor lighting for your home. The majority of times what happens is we just go for the aesthetics without thinking about the practicality of our decision. These pointers will help you in knowing the dynamics of the outdoor lighting setup and what you want from this project.

If you are someone who wants to contribute towards preserving the environment, then you should also look for some solar light options. Solar lights have become compact and also became efficient when it comes to switching from charged cell energy and live electricity supply. LED lights are also an interesting option that you can consider.


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