Peacock Streaming service and its importance

Generally, peacock TV is NBCUniversal’s newly launched streaming service, this service will serve as a one-stop shop for NBCUniversal content and also robust an impressive library of NBC dramas, comedies, live sports, Universal Studio films, and all new original content. Peacock streaming service was rolled out in April for Comcast subscribers but officially launched on July 15. But the important thing to note is, that this streaming service will be available only for United States customers. 


Unlike Netflix, Amazon prime, and Hulu, peacock TV offers totally free content for its customers. For those who need more content without the interruption of ads, peacock offers two premium plans: an all-access package that has ad content and all access that is an ad-free package. 


How much do Peacock subscription plans cost?


Peacock TV has an essential plan for free of cost, but this ad-free package lets the user access more than 13,000 hours of programming, which includes both currently released web series and only selective popular movies. Additionally with daily updated news and sports channels. Along with this, you can get the Olympics and some Spanish language content.  


While many classic and traditional TV series have their entire episode and seasons catalog available, even though most Peacock originals only have a few episodes on offer under the free package. To watch the full series you will need to upgrade to the Peacock Premium package. 


Here, the Peacock Premium package offers more than 20,000 hours of streaming video content and this plan starts at $4.99 per month. Additionally, a full library of classic shows and movies. Whereas the Peacock premium plan subscribers also get access to more sports leagues and have the golden opportunity of watching next-day streaming of current broadcast series previously.


  • Peacock Free: Free of cost


This subscription plan has ad-supporting streaming of classic shows and some specific selected popular movies.


  • Peacock Premium plan: $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


This subscription plan has complete access to the full library of 20,000 hours of content, including ads.


  • Peacock Premium plus (Ads-free): $9.99per month, or $99.99 per year.


This subscription plan has complete access to the full library of 20,000 hours of video content, without interruption of ads.


How to access Peacock Premium for free?


Absolutely, yes you can get the ads supported Peacock premium for free when you’re already a subscriber for Comcast Xfinity or Flex TV. Moreover, Charter Spectrum TV customers also have the authority to access a year of Peacock Premium for free or if you are just subscribed to its internet service, you can access it for three months free.


On the other hand, you had a feature of access to a one-week free trial before becoming a subscriber to this streaming platform. Your credit card details are required like card number, CVC, expired date, and so on. Moreover, make sure you can cancel your subscription before the week is up if you don’t want it to renew automatically.


What devices support Peacock?  


Usually, Peacock TV login and operates on both iOS and Android-based phones and tablets. It’s possible to stream Peacock TV content through your web browser on Windows and Mac, as well as Chromecast. This means you can watch movies, TV shows, dramas, and other video content easily through any device that you own, even if you don’t own a TV, for connecting this service you need a minimal setup. By the way, it supports Smart TVs too. Peacock TV has apps for Chromecast, Xfinity Flex, and X1, plus Cox Contour box, Portal TV, and cable set-top boxes. 


Parental control support and profile:


Fortunately, in peacock TV streaming service, it has various profile supports on one account. You can manage many profiles within one account, and you can access up to 6 profiles per account. This implies that you can add five more profiles either your family profile or friends’ profile can be shared as an account. Moreover, each person’s profile can create a custom line-up of movies, TV shows, dramas, and navy more to watch under their profile. Here, we can see the procedure for adding up various profiles to an account methodically.


Step 1: Go to settings and visit your account icon. It is located in the top-right corner of the page.


Step 2: Tap on the “plus” icon on the account page for adding a new profile.


Step 3: Here, You can choose from one of a limited number of avatars, all these from NBC Universal’s franchises, to be part of the new profile. 


Step 4: You will be asked to select the category of the account whether it is a kid’s profile or a parental profile, if it is not a kids profile then click on the “No” option.


Step 5: Once you finish all these processes, name the new profile and now you have completed all procedures.


Hereby, one or more profiles can be assigned as a kids profile on your Peacock account. Where the content viewed under this mode will be rated below PG-13. Moreover, you can set a password or PIN for this kid’s profile. This will not only help to avoid kids switching between profiles, but also you can go even further in limiting your children’s access to peacock age-restricted contents. 




To summarize, This Peacock is an expansion of NBCUniversal and gradually expanding in international markets, starting with Latin America and antecedent in Canadian services. We can see many questions revolving around the Internet: Is s Peacock free with Amazon prime? The absolute answer was No, this streaming service is not free with an Amazon Prime subscription. Whereas, the subscriber of Xfinity can watch Peacock TV for free (not the ads-free premium plan). But there are many ways to watch this streaming channel for free in an illegal manner.


Moreover, we can download the Peacock TV app on the Amazon Fire TV stick. But Peacock doesn’t support 4K streaming, this streaming service is limited to HD. But there are hints that 4K may be launched and added in the future. 


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