Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Every Bride-To-Be to Follow

Weddings are an opportunity to create and live your own fairy tale. As the wedding day is one of the most special days in the life of any bride, this goes without saying that months are spent even to discern the minutest thing.

Starting from the wedding date and invitation list to booking the venue and arranging the menu, there are a lot of choices to be made and chores to be organised. The thoughts of the accessories and the clothing can consume every moment of awakening for the bride till the D day arrives.

But amidst all the hullabaloo what the bride often forgets is to care for herself.  Here are some of the pre-wedding tips for every bride so that she can take care of herself in the best way possible and look and feel gorgeous on one of the most special occasions of her life. Just take a look.

  • Go for CTM – Give a head-start to your pre-bridal routine with a great cleansing, toning and moisturising.  A beautiful clean face is the perfect groundwork for bringing out a great personality. The pores will be tightened by toning and moisturising will ensure that the skin remains supple and soft.
  • Eat Healthy – Your special day is arriving and so, if it is not too much, you should start to stay away from consuming lots of sodium, sugar and lots of processed foods. These all lead to bloating and body fat. Instead you should start to focus on the fruits, green vegetables and lots of water. All these help to clear up the skin, boost your energy and fuel the body. And while a glass of champagne can do from time to time, you should keep it in mind that excessive alcohol makes the skin dry and puffy. Moreover, you also crave for more junk foods and snacks when you go for heavy drinking.
  • Do Not Ignore Exfoliation – Exfoliation is one of the greatest beauty regimes and naturally, you must not ignore it. If you want to get rid of the dead skin, exfoliation is essential. So at least twice a week, you should exfoliate your body and face. In this case, it is always recommended to use the homemade scrubs that comprise of the gram flour, rice flour, tomato, papaya and other agents of cleansing.


  • Take Care of Your Hair – You should keep these tips about your hair in mind and start to follow them at least a month before the big day.
  1. You should not use the hair curlers and straightening iron. You should stop blow drying the hair.
  2. You should see to it that you take a shower quite some time before going out so that the hair does not get dried up by direct sunlight.
  3. You cover your hair with a scarf to prevent the direct sunlight from harming the hair and always tie the hair in a braid at night before retiring to bed to avoid split ends and friction.
  4. Prior to washing with a shampoo, you should oil the hair and try to do this at least twice a week. Do not go for shampooing too often and avoid keeping the hair with oil for more than 3-4 hours as that gives rise to scalp pimples.
  5. Warm water can cause breakage and so always use cool water to wash hair.
  6. You should make a natural conditioner by mixing set curd, banana and a few honey drops and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before washing with shampoo.
  7. For boosting the hair growth, you should go for a paste of tea liquor, fenugreek seeds, eggs, gooseberry extract, castor oil and coconut oil. You can use this twice a week for 15-20 minutes prior to shampooing. If you have dandruff issue, then use a lemon with these.

All these are bound to give you thick, smooth, soft, voluminous and manageable hair.


  • Remain Active – Your body will be firm and tight, once you start working out. The production of endorphins is also boosted when you exercise as a result of which you start to feel happy. For this you can join a gym. This way the weather can’t be made an excuse and you will get access to all the right pieces of equipment to stay fit. You also get motivated when you start exercising with others.
  • Sleep Well – You should not cut back on the sleep if you don’t want those dreadful dark circles. When you are nearing the D day, 8-10 hours of sleep is the least that you need.


  • Get a Gorgeous Smile – You will need the pearly whites to be at their best for all the pictures being posted. Most toothpastes have whitening ingredients at the time of the process of planning. But you should choose a special whitening one for faster results. You should also consider professional teeth whitening or use whitening strips. But ensure not to go overboard as that will make you look awkward in pictures. So going for teeth whitening about 6 months before the wedding is great. You should, however,  avoid frequent whitening as that way your teeth will become more sensitive to cold and hot foods.

The above are some of the beauty tips that you should keep in mind in order to look your best on your wedding day. These are suggested by the professionals of reputed event company who have massive experience in this field and know exactly what looks impressive for a particular event and what is a complete turn down.



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