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Car enthusiasts are no longer into merely collecting vehicles; most of them are dedicated to creating a look for their cars that would be able to meet their personal style. Customising cars is actually a popular hobby these days; many are into channeling their inner King of Restoration, so they purchase the most beat-up car that their budget can afford. For them, it’s a project and it doesn’t matter whether it takes them years to complete it.

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Vehicle customisation is definitely such a strong trend that in many parts of the globe, auto salon exhibitions are yearly events that run for three days to a week.  In Japan, actually, earlier this year the Tokyo Auto Salon was a big success; the three-day affair had 452 companies that showcased a total of 802 cars to over 280,000 visitors. The sheer numbers alone just prove how more and more people are becoming more interested in exploring various style concepts to create the car of their dreams. There were new innovations in painting the body of the car as well as new developments in car upholstery materials which would make cleaning and deodorising easier and more cost-efficient. Apart from these, the exhibition also showcased different designs and textures for upholstery that generated great interest from the younger crowd.

Speaking of upholstery, for many, a change in car upholstery is really all they need for a more personalised look. The cool thing is that professional car upholsterers are now offering a larger variety of materials to be able to cater to their customers who have very specific tastes. These car upholstery shops are now including more bright- and light-coloured fabrics, leatherette, and leather to particularly cater to women who find traditional car upholstery too neutral or masculine for their taste.

Meanwhile, other requests for car upholstery that shops cater to are from people who really want to restore the original appeal of their vehicles’ interior that was compromised by external factors like time, or a loyal (but a scratcher of an) animal driving companion that for some reason believed that the soft leatherette seats and carpet were its scratching mat.It cannot be denied that there are some people who have a sentimental attachment to their car and hold on to the image of it from when they first bought it. These upholstery shops can easily restore the original style of the vehicle’s interior by repairing or replacing seating with similar or the actual original material, and placing new custom-fitted carpets made of similar or original material. Finding the suitable materials for restoration is rarely a problem as these shops have everything from contemporary styles to original pile carpets in various colours.

Whatever your purpose is for changing your car upholstery, the job can be done quickly and affordably. In no time, you’ll have your car back and you can enjoy the nice and fresh interior which will make driving definitely a more satisfying experience.

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